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About The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning

Hertfordshire Grid for Learning Website

The HGfL web site ( forms the principal means by which Herts for Learning (HfL) and Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) both communicate with and support maintained schools, academies and other educational establishments in Herfordshire.

The web site provides access to information, guidance and support for Hertfordshire schools on the curriculum, teaching and learning, school leadership, school workforce, school administration and management.

Access to the Hertfordshire schools Grid intranet ( is only available from a computer in a Hertfordshire school (maintained school, academy, free school or other educational setting) connected to the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service (HICS). See below.

Several on-line resources for which Hertfordshire County Council or HfL hold the licence or the copyright are available only on the intranet. Some information shared between the Council, HfL and schools is not appropriate to share with the outside world and therefore is held on the intranet, along with information and resources which are paid for by Hertfordshire schools through the provision of traded services or centralised funding or commissioned work.

Throughout the site access to these resources are marked with the in shcools only banner.

With these exceptions, all materials on this site are publicly accessible.


Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service

The Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service (HICS) is a private network joining Hertfordshire maintained schools, Education Support Centres, residential children's homes, Youth Programme Units and the local authority. It also includes most academies and free schools in the Hertfordshire area.

Designed and run in partnership with schools, HICS provides a safe, secure network which has been designed to enable schools to access the internet and school services in a supported environment. A range of supported services are also delivered through HICS, including Solero, SeAM, video conferencing services and online HCC and SITSS ICT support. The contract for the supply of the network is currently held by Updata.


Contact Information

For advice on publishing information for schools on the 'Grid' website please contact:

Sandra BakerSandra Baker
Digital Content Manager
Tel: 01438 844814

For advice on Hertfordshire schools internet and connectivity issues please contact:

Kevin Crawley
Schools' Connectivity Service Co-ordinator
Tel: 01438 844809