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Latest news for Hertfordshire Schools - updated 19 August, 2014

Web Subscription Package
Closure of the RM LP
Closure of the RM Learning Platform

The RM Learning Platform will no longer be available from 29th August 2014. RM have individually contacted Hertfordshire schools still running the RM learning platform to advise them of the closure and how to download their data. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the closedown of the RM Learning Platform, please get in touch with RM by phoning 01235 854 693 or emailing rmunify@rm.com. arrow Closure of the RM Learning Platform

arrow Tuesday 18th August 2014

Herts Grants
Herts Grants

Hertfordshire Educational Foundation (HEF) is a charity that provides financial support for young people living in Hertfordshire. Grants are available for primary school pupils to take part in educational visits whose parents are unable to pay for the visit. The Sir George Burns Fund supports young people between the ages of 16–21 who have disability or are underprivileged. Travel scholarships enable students aged between the ages of 17-21 to undertake approved interesting courses and other educational activities abroad. arrow Herts Grants

arrow Friday 15th August 2014

Important Message/Dinner Money 7 End of Year Procedures in SIMS

We would like to remind all schools that use the Dinner Money 7 Module in SIMS that it is imperative you change your Meal Charges and Meal Definitions before the children return to school in September. Failure to do so will result in Years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 being charged for meals when they are entitled to Universal Free School Meals. Nursery and Years 3 to 6 will also have the wrong charges against them.  arrow Full Details

arrow Tuesday 12th August 2014

cycle to work
Are you thinking of getting a new bike? in schools only...

Would you like to cycle to work? Getting a bike may be cheaper than you think. We are re-launching the cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme in September, to help with the cost of new bicycles and cycling equipment up to £1,500. arrow Cycle to Work scheme

arrow Thursday 31th July 2014

thames water
Thames Water Education Centre - Tour for Schools

Thames Water have a guided tour for schools which shows where waste water is treated, and an interactive workshop showing how it all works. A perfect trip for any topic linking to water or the environment, or for those looking for a day out with a difference! Our activities have excellent links to a variety of national curriculum subjects. Tours are free for schools who are Thames Water customers. arrow Thames Water Education Centre

arrow Monday 28th July 2014

send newsletter
SEND Pathfinder Newsletter - July 2014

The latest SEND Pathfinder newsletter keeping families and professionals up to date is now available. arrow SEND Pathfinder Newsletter- July 2014 (pdf)

arrow Friday 25th July 2014

anti-bullying week
Marking National Anti-Bullying Week 2014 - 17th-21st November 2014

Details of training and workshops available throughout November and beyond to support National Anti-Bullying Week. arrow National Anti-Bullying Week (pdf)

arrow Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Janet V-Scene
Changes to JANET Video Conferencing Service

Users of the JANET Video Conferencing service (JVCS) will probably be aware that on July 28th 2014 the service is changing to 'V-Scene.' Information about the new service, and a link to a short video to introduce it, can be found here. arrow Videoconferencing

arrow Friday 18th July 2014

Bristol Document Summaries - July 2014
Bristol Document Summaries - July 2014 in schools only...

This month's summaries have an emphasis on research commissioned by the Department for Education with questions being asked about academy autonomy and about how local education systems are working together. Research from the TALIS survey about the lives of teachers in England featured in the media recently and is also included this month. There is a curricular focus on sport, with Ofsted’s exploration of competitive sport and its link to later sporting engagement and success. arrow Bristol Document Summary Service

arrow Friday 18th July 2014

Training Times
Training Times - July 2014 edition

The third issue of our new monthly Herts for Learning newspaper, Training Times, is now available, which includes an article on a new transition project in North Herts and a spotlight on the work of the Vulnerable Groups Team, together with the latest Hertfordshire school news, HfL news and and forthcoming courses.

arrow Training Times (pdf)

arrow Thursday 17th July 2014

mythical maze
Mythical Maze

Hertfordshire libraries are preparing for Mythical Maze, the 16th National Summer Reading Challenge. Last year, over 18,000 Hertfordshire children took part, and this year's challenge is even more exciting. Open to children of all ages and abilities, the Summer Reading Challenge aims to encourage children to enjoy reading for pleasure, and recognise their own personal achievements. arrow Summer Reading Challenge

arrow Wednesday 16th July 2014

tools for schools
Tools for Schools

The emotional and mental health of children and young people is often a cause of concern for professionals and parents alike. These tools were created to give guidance to universal services to have a better understanding and clarity about how to manage common issues that families face and who to go to for support. The updated version is now available. arrow Updated Tools for Schools Resource(pdf)

arrow Wednesday 16th July 2014

Exchanging Excellence ® Closing Gaps Conference Presentations

Herts for Learning is delighted with the feedback from delegates attending the Exchanging Excellence ® Closing Gaps Conference which took place in Stevenage on Monday 7th July 2014. A number of keynote speakers delivered talks on their experience of closing gaps. The presentations from each keynote speaker are now available for download. arrow Closing Gaps conference presentations

arrow Tuesday 15th July 2014

Keeping Your School Safe Over The Summer Holidays

Hertfordshire Constabulary has prepared some simple measures your schools can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime during the summer holiday period. Completing the ‘Schools Crime Prevention Self Assessment’ audits below will help you identify any gaps you may have in your school security and help you focus your efforts to address the issues raised and keep your school safe over the holidays. arrow Crime Prevention for Schools

arrow Monday 15th July 2014

Guidance of 2014 KS2, EYFS and KS1 Results

Guidance on possible preliminary data analysis of your 2014 KS2 results and 2014 EYFS and KS1 results arrow Guidance of 2014 KS2, EYFS and KS1 results

arrow Monday 14th July 2014

Health & Well Being
Childrens Physical Activity Ideas

Disney have teamed up with Change4Life, the Public Health approach to healthy living, to produce the 10 minute shake up – ideas for physical activity to get kids moving this summer which are fun and free. arrow 10 minutes Shakeup change4life

arrow Friday 11th July 2014

Leading RE training course
"Leading RE for the first time" Training Course - 18th September 2014

This course is for those teachers who have never lead on RE before, you will evaluate the skills needed to be an effective subject leader. Using discussion, guidance and workshop activities, there will be a focus on leadership and management of the subject area, planning and resourcing, teaching and learning .arrow Course Details and Booking

arrow Friday 11th July 2014

KS2 Analysis Report
2014 KS2 Analysis Report

The KS2 Analysis report for 2014, which gives you an immediate analysis of your KS2 data, is now available for download. Instructions for downloading, importing and running the report are included in the document for Returning KS2 data, S1464. The report includes a number of different sheets, each providing a different approach to analysing your KS2 results. Please see the accompanying document, W074, on the web page for full details of how to use the report.arrow KS2 Analysis Report

arrow Thursday 10th July 2014

New! Herts for Learning School Business Manager Consultancy Service launching Autumn 2014!

Herts for Learning are really excited to offer the service of School Business Manager (SBM) consultants to support schools with raising achievement.arrow School Business Manager Consultancy

arrow Wednesday 9th July 2014

Historic County Flags Day
Historic County Flags Day - 23rd July 2014

Great Britain celebrates the nations historic county flags day on 23rd July 2014. You can download the poster.arrow Historic County Flags Day Poster

arrow Wednesday 9th July 2014

Importing KS2 Test Results
Importing KS2 Test Results Urgent Information for all Primary and Special Schools

Please note a change in our instructions for importing the Test results for KS2 in our document, Returning KS2 Teacher Assessments, document reference S1464 page 28 point 3. Please note that when importing the CTF file you MUST select Add KS2 for Existing Pupil Only

arrow Tuesday 8th July 2014

Health & Well Being
Leading Mental Health in Hertfordshire Schools Newsletter - Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Newsletter introduces the updated version of Tools for Schools that supports school and other universal Professionals to establish cause for concern, assess the risk, identify needs. In addition, the MindEd e-portal which has been designed to support professionals working with children and young people, has been added in this issue. arrow Leading Mental Health in Hertfordshire Schools - Summer 2014 Newsletter

arrow Friday 4th July 2014

Video Conferencing Services - 14th July 2014

Due to the ongoing work to increase the resilience of the HICS network, video conferencing services will be unavailable for schools on Monday 14th July. We apologise for any inconvenience. If you wish to discuss this further please contact: kevin.crawley@hertsforlearning.co.uk

arrow Wednesday 2nd July 2014

traveller networks
Traveller Network Meetings

The network meetings will provide a forum to share ideas and information to help support Traveller pupils in their learning and address issues around inclusion, discuss local & national initiatives to raise attainment of GRT pupils. There will be a choice of venues, one network meeting will be held  each term at Apsley and one in HDC Stevenage. Meetings will be held from  4.00 – 5.30, refreshments will be available. arrow Traveller Network Meetings

arrow Wednesday 25th June 2014

Bristol Document Summaries - June 2014
Bristol Document Summaries - June 2014

This month the summaries deal with a range of topics such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and primary performance indicators. There is also a research report dealing with the controversial question as to whether inspection and increased accountability drives up standards and performance, plus there is another “myths and facts” document suitable for a staffroom quiz. arrow Bristol Document Summary Service

arrow Wednesday 25th June 2014

Reporting Modules and Month End Procedures - 9th July 2014

The SIMS FMS module 5 - "Reporting modules and month end procedures" course is set for Wednesday 9th July. The course includes pre-set reports, creation of monitoring and management reports and the use of the Financial Reporting Suite. To book please contact Daksha Bakrania on 01992 555714 or email daksha.bakrania@hertsforlearning.co.uk

arrow Tuesday 24th June 2014

Herts for Learning
Herts for Learning Training Courses - Autumn 2014

Our seasonal spotlight for the autumn term focuses on ‘future leaders’ which will help schools identify courses that provide opportunities for staff that are passionate about developing themselves into leaders of the future. arrow Download training programme or search online

arrow Tuesday 24th June 2014

Green our Herts
Green our Herts - Teaching Resource

'Green our Herts' is a Herts wide sustainability group which has recently produced a schools pack which includes activities aimed at KS2 pupils to do things such as a water audit at school and at home, along with water saving tips, etc. arrow Green our Herts Teaching Resource

arrow Friday 20th June 2014

tour de france
Free Tour de France Primary Language Resources

Headstart Languages have produced some free Tour de France teaching resources to give children the opportunity to learn about French culture and language as they follow the route with a French speaking teddy bear. arrow Details of how to register for resources

arrow Friday 20th June 2014

Children’s eSafety Survey - still time to respond!

We have created a short survey all about the internet and so far over 700 children and young people in Hertfordshire have given us their views on chatrooms, online games, cyberbullying and online safety.We have received 740 responses from children and young people so far!A great response, although the majority of those are younger children so it would be good to hear from more young people in years 10,11 and 12. arrow Children's eSafety Survey

arrow Thursday 19th June 2014


School Waste Electrical Recycling Collections – September 2014
Schools in Hertfordshire are being offered the opportunity to recycle their unwanted or broken electrical equipment through a free collection service in September 2014. WasteAware are once again working with partner organisation European Recycling Platform (ERP) to provide the popular collection service which will take place during the week of the 22nd September 2014. arrow Recycling collection

arrow Thursday 19th June 2014

health and well being
Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools

DfE have launched new guidance for schools on how to identify and support those pupils whose behaviour suggests they may have unmet mental health needs. arrow Emotional Wellbeing News

arrow Wednesdasy 18th June 2014

primary heads
Primary Headteacher Seminar Presentations and Handouts - Summer Term 2014

The presentations and handouts for the Summer Term are now available to download. arrow Primary Headteacher Seminars

arrow Wednesdasy 18th June 2014

health and well being
Young People's Mental Health: New Free Resource for Professionals - 16th July 2014

Do you work with children and young people? Do you want to be able to support them with their mental health? Hertfordshire is offering the opportunity to learn more about the new national mental health resource, MindEd. arrow MindEd Event

arrow Wednesdasy 18th June 2014

Herts for Learning
Key Messages from the HfL Board - June 2014

The full day Board meeting took place on 11th June focusing particularly on strategy and growth options. Directors welcomed the news that Graham Lane, Governor at Redbourn Infant and Nursery School, had been elected as the new primary phase non-executive director on the Board from 11th June 2014..... arrow HfL website: Key Messages

arrow Tuesday 17th June 2014

RM Finance Purchase Orders and RM Finance Fund Account Courses

There are still spaces available on the these courses. RM Finance Purchase Orders is scheduled for 08/07/14 and is a morning only course. RM Finance Fund Account is scheduled for 15/07/14 and is an all day course. arrow For further information and booking
arrow Tuesday 17th June 2014

Reminder of Key Stage Data Submission and Moderation of Exceptionally High Attainers

As outlined in letters sent earlier this term, please can we remind you that we have asked for end of Key Stage data (EYFS and KS1) to be submitted to the local authority by Friday 20th June. This is to enable us to carry out essential quality assurance checks on the data. As per last year, if any school believes that a pupil at the end of Key Stage 1 is working at level 4, I would be grateful if evidence to support this assessment could be submitted to Ben Fuller, either by post or email, by 27th June at the latest. arrow More Information

arrow Tuesday 17th June 2014

Academies Budget Forecast Return 2014 to 2015 in schools only...

The Academies Budget Forecast Return 2014 to 2015 bulletin (A15) is available on the the grid. This bulletin provides guidance enabling you to populate the the return. arrow Budget Forecast
arrow Thursday 12th June 2014

Anti bullying
Monitoring Bullying - New Form for Incident Follow Up

The emphasis from DfE is increasingly focused on the need to ensure quality incident follow up that resolves issues for all parties and provides appropriate support for the child on the receiving end of hurtful behaviour as well as the child/ren who have been hurtful.  Form 3 is designed to support your thinking about this process and to give you a recording mechanism to capture the follow up undertake. arrow Bullying Monitoring and Auditing

arrow Thursday 12th June 2014

Free School Meals
Universal Free Infant Meals and Pupil Premium

Letter from HCC to schools outlining arrangements for Universal Free Infant Meals from September 2014 and guide for schools to Ever6. arrow Free School Meals

arrow Thursday 12th June 2014

Human Resources
Revised HR Policies and Procedures

Schools' HR have revised a number of policies and procedures ready for schools to adopt: Capability; Disciplinary; Grievance; Harrassment and Bullying; Restructuring; and Whistleblowing. A list of the major changes to each policy has also been produced. arrow HR Policies and Procedures

arrow Monday 9th June 2014

Herts for Learning
Herts Futures - Accelerated Teaching and Leadership Development Programme

Are you looking for a programme that will develop both the classroom practice and leadership skills of your rising stars? Do you want to see real impact from the training courses you invest in? If so, this could be your solution! Back by popular demand, this highly successful course is designed for schools to invest in the future, developing classroom talent and leadership skills, particularly for your early career teachers. arrow Book online: Course code 14NQT/043A

arrow Friday 6th June 2014

Herts for Learning
Herts for Learning to Introduce New Leadership Coaching Services

In response to numerous individual requests from schools and settings, Herts for Learning will be launching a new executive coaching service which will be aimed at headteachers and senior leaders in schools.  The service is planned to be introduced next year, using accredited executive coaches that are currently being trained through Hfl. The new service will be shaped and modelled based on requirements from schools.  We would therefore appreciate it if you could contribute your views to shaping the service by completing this short survey. arrow Go To Online Survey

arrow Thursday 5th June 2014

Celtic Harmony - FREE Prehistory Inset - 25th September 2014

The Celtic Harmony experts have designed a free INSET to support your planning and teaching of KS2 Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Britain for the new curriculum. arrow Details and how to book

arrow Wednesday 4th June 2014

GameOverZeus Virus - How to Check you are Covered with McAfee in schools only...

There has been a substantial amount of coverage in the press and on television about some very aggressive malware that is being aimed at users PC’s.  This goes under a number of names but the most common are GameOverZeus and CryptoLocker. SITSS have produced some guidance on how to check with McAfee. arrow Advice from SITSS

arrow Wednesday 4th June 2014

Training Times
Training Times - June 2014 edition

The second issue of our new monthly Herts for Learning newspaper, Training Times, is now available, which includes articles on 'Parents at the heart of children's learning' and 'Our Assessment Team' together with the latest Hertfordshire school news, HfL news and and forthcoming courses. arrow Training Times - June 2014 (pdf)

arrow Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Spotlight on Levels 5 and 6 - Writing - Exemplification from Hertfordshire Schools

The HfL Assessment Team have responded to demand from Y6 teachers to have further exemplification of Level 6 writing and the demarcation between Level  5 and Level 6 writing. This publication includes sub- levelled collections from Y6 children in Hertfordshire schools, both unannotated handwritten scripts, and annotated scripts; as well as individual L6 pieces of writing, again unannotated and annotated. arrow HfL Publications: Ordering

arrow Tuesday 3rd June 2014

hertfordshire campaigns
Reporting Private Fostering Arrangements

On 2nd June Hertfordshire County Council is promoting Private Fostering Week to make people aware of the need to report Private Fostering arrangements. However, many parents and carers are not aware of this and do not notify the local authority, even though this is against the law. Schools may be aware of private fostering arrangements. arrow Reporting private fostering arrangements

arrow Monday 2nd June 2014

DfE myths and facts
DfE: Running a School: Myths and Facts

The DfE has published its termly 'Myths and Facts' document which addresses common questions schools have sent to them. arrow DfE: Myths and Facts

arrow Monday 2nd June 2014

Bristol Document Summaries - January 2014
Bristol Document Summaries - May 2014 in schools only...

This month there is something of a focus on the higher and lower age ranges, with reports on Higher Education, careers and the impact of the government initiative to provide free early years education. There is a curricular focus on MFL this month with the CfBT/British Council report on Language Trends and some “home grown” research on teacher development and school effectiveness in China. arrow Bristol Document Summary Service

arrow Wednesday 28th May 2014

starting school
2014/15 Starting School Leaflets in schools only

The 2014/15 Starting School Leaflets will be available from week commencing 9th June. Quantities requested will be delivered to primary schools from that date and if no order was placed, schools will receive the same quantity as last year. You can however, download the leaflet to print yourself from: arrow Admissions

arrow Friday 23rd May 2014

Support Staff Performance Ratings

The Schools Portal for entering overall performance appraisal ratings for support staff is now open. Access is via the PRI tab on RTE. The Portal will be open for the entry of overall ratings until 30 September 2014. arrow Further Guidance

arrow Thursday 22nd May 2014

ChildLine Schools Service - Programme for Years 5 & 6

Hertfordshire County Council and Herts for Learning are working together with the ChildLine Schools Service to ensure that all our Primary Schools have the opportunity to access their innovative anti-abuse programme aimed at years 5 and 6. This safeguarding programme includes a pre-visit meeting to give you an opportunity to review the content in detail and to support you in informing parents about the programme. arrow Further details and how to make a booking.

arrow Thursday 22nd May 2014

email services
Office 365 Issues - 21st May 2014

We are receiving a number of school reporting issues regarding Office 365 and not being able to create new emails, reply to emails and also forward emails. When they attempt to perform these tasks the user is confronted by a white page with a blue bar, the blue bar is where the navigation should appear. The issue only appears to be isolated Internet Explorer 9 (and lower). SITSS have produced a work around in IE9 to temporary resolve the issue, click here to view the document (pdf). This temporary solution opens emails you create, reply to or forward in a new Internet Explorer window. The permanent solution is to upgrade the affected workstations to Internet Explorer 10 or Google Chrome. The SAP Team have confirmed that Internet Explorer 10 works fine with SAP when running in compatibility mode.

arrow Wednesday 21st May 2014

A New Approach to Tracking Pupil Progress - developed by Herts for Learning

At Herts for Learning we have been working hard to develop a new set of detailed assessment criteria – matched to the expectations of the new National Curriculum – which teachers can use to assess children’s understanding and determine the appropriate next steps. arrow A New Approach to Tracking Pupil Progress

arrow Monday 19th May 2014

health and safety
Health and Safety News

An update from the Schools' Health and Safety Team drawing your attention to news on asbestos management; a chemical incident during a science experiment; and a prosecution on lift safety. arrow Health and safety news

arrow Monday 19th May 2014

Herts for Learning Contract Services 2014/15
*Save the Date*Herts for Learning's 2014 Annual General Meeting - 7th July 2014

All shareholders are invited to attend Herts for Learning’s 2014 Annual General Meeting which will take place at 5.00pm, Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage, (following Herts for Learning’s Exchanging Excellence Closing Gaps Conference.  arrow Details of AGM and how to attend

arrow Thursday 15th May 2014

Herts for Learning Helps Parents Lift the Lid on Teaching Techniques

HfL is helping parents to lift the lid on how to best support their children’s education with the launch of a new programme, Parent2Parent. The programme, which launches today, is being piloted in 17 schools across Hemel Hempstead, and will focus on supporting parents to understand how they can really improve the learning of their children. arrow HfL website: Parent2Parent

arrow Monday 11th May 2014

SEND Reforms -Getting Ready for September 2014 - FREE sessions

Interactive half day sessions for school heads and college leaders in Hertfordshire aim to update on the reforms; the Hertfordshire picture; what schools, parents and carers can expect; and delivering conversions. arrow Dates and booking details

arrow Monday 11th May 2014

Key Stage 1 Assessment Moderation Cluster Meetings

Details of the Key Stage 1 Assessment Moderation Cluster Meetings to be run later this term. arrow KS1 Moderation Clusters

arrow Thursday 8th May 2014

NQT Primary Induction Service and New Improved NQT Manager System

Whether you are an NQT, NQT induction tutor (mentor), NQT coordinator or headteacher, Herts for Learning as the Hertfordshire County Council Appropriate Body provides a robust structure, with professional guidance and support for every stage of the induction process including a new and improved NQT Manager System.

. arrow NQT Induction Service

arrow Tuesday 6th May 2014

Training Times
Training Times - New Monthly HfL Newsletter

The first issue of our new monthly Herts for Learning newspaper, Training Times, is now in schools and is available for download here. We welcome any feedback or content suggestions from you and your staff once you have received the first issue!

arrow Training Times (pdf)

arrow Tuesday 6th May 2014

Exchanging excellene
Exchanging Excellence - Closing Gaps. Excellent Practice in Hertfordshire Schools

During the course of our visits to Hertfordshire Schools during the Spring Term, we found numerous examples of excellent practice in Hertfordshire schools that merit wider circulation. arrow HfL website: examples of good practice

arrow Friday 2nd May 2014

SEND Accredited Courses - National Scholarship Funding

Herts for Learning are pleased to deliver a number of SEND accredited courses in partnership with the Eastern Leadership Centre (Eastern Partnership), 3 of which are eligible for National Scholarship Funding to help teachers and support staff develop their specialist knowledge and skills. arrow SEND Accredited Courses

arrow Friday 2nd May 2014

Children looked after
New Information Concerning Pupil Premium Plus and Attendance Data Collection

FAO: Headteachers, Administrative Staff, Finance/Bursars, SENCOs and Designated Teachers for Children Looked After. Please read the important message which details new procedures for both the allocation and distribution of Pupil Premium Plus for children looked after and for the collection of their attendance data that are operational with immediate effect. arrow Message to schools (pdf)

arrow Friday 2nd May 2014

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