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Latest news for Hertfordshire Schools
- updated 28 August, 2015

Anti-Radicalisation WRAP
SITSS Case Log on-line availability

Due to significant upgrades to Hertfordshire County Council network infrastructure the SITSS Case Log on-line may not be available over the next Bank Holiday weekend 30th – 31st August 2015 from 7am Sunday 30th until 8am Tuesday 1st September. This work is to allow for replacement of important network components at Stevenage. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

arrow Friday 28th August 2015

Anti-Radicalisation WRAP
Anti-Radicalisation WRAP

HCC are funding a roll out of WRAP training in September/October to ensure that Hertfordshire schools are compliant with their legal duty.WRAP is the Home Office’s official anti-radicalisation training package – Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent. It is a 1.5 hour training session and is free to attend. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 6th August 2015

Leading Mental Health Newsletter
Leading Mental Health Newsletter - Summer 2015

The latest issue includes, Supporting pupils & parents; Help inform NHS commissioning guidance; Self harm training pilot; Community counselling updates; CAMHS review; MindEd update and Routes to personal resilience. arrow Download Newsletter (pdf/1MB)

arrow Tuesday 4th August 2015

Into Film Clubs
Into Film Clubs

Into Film puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people aged 5-19 across the UK. They are a film education charity and everything that they offer is completely free for state-funded schools and organisations. Their main platform is film club, which gives children and young people the opportunity to watch, discuss and review films, as well as training and online resources to make their own films. arrow More information

arrow Wednesday 29th July 2015

Level 4 and 5 Diploma
Level 4 and 5 Diploma in School Business Management

We are working in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University to offer local cohorts for both the level 4 (previously CSBM) and level 5 (previously DSBM) diplomas in school business management. The programmes will start in October 2015 and take approximately 12-15 months to complete. Closing date for applications is 11 September 2015 arrow For further information, or to apply

arrow Friday 24th July 2015

SBM Briefing
School Business Management Briefing - 8th October 2015

Delivered by the Head of Business Management Services, key leaders within Herts for Learning and other external agencies, this session will provide updates on school business management related topics. The format of the sessions will be four presentations on current issues relating to the business aspects of running a school, followed by an in-depth group discussion on a topic of your choice.arrow Book online: 15MAN/067A

arrow Friday 24th July 2015

Media Navigator Training
Media Navigator Training - 28th September 2015

Do you think it’s valuable for young people to be able to; Critically analyse social media? Recognise the differences between reality and fantasy? Understand the advantages and disadvantages of social media? How to Thrive is delighted to invite you to our Media Navigator training. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 16th July 2015

Personal Resilience
Routes to Personal Resilience - 29th and 30th September 2015

Do you sometimes ….. Get frustrated and annoyed? Not understand why a situation has turned out like it has? Wish you had said more or less!? Sometimes find yourself making mountains out of molehills or Himalayas out of mountains?arrow More information

arrow Thursday 16th July 2015

Computing Devices for Year 7 Students
Free Micro:Bit Computing Devices for Year 7 Students

Students in the new year 7 from September are eligibile to receive a Micro:Bit computing device from the BBC. This small, simple device with a number of attached LEDs can be plugged into a computer and students can program the LEDs to flash simple messages. Schools should apply to receive devices for eligible students by using this form: arrow Register

arrow Thursday 16th July 2015

Local Democracy Week 2015
Salix Schools: Switching to Low Energy

In partnership with the Department for Education and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Salix is inviting Local Authorities across England to help their state maintained schools become exemplars in energy efficiency by joining the Salix Schools: Switching to Low Energy pilot. Even though the EOI deadline is 17th July, schools can still express their interest for future batches. arrow More information

arrow Wednesday 15th July 2015

Training Courses Autumn 2015
Herts for Learning Training Courses - Autumn 2015

Our seasonal spotlight for the autumn term focusses on grit and character in pupils and staff. This was a key area highlighted in the recent article from the Department of Education, and Herts for Learning have put together specific courses that will help school staff at all levels to be confident and competent to develop and build character, resilience and grit in pupils. arrow Download training programme or search online

arrow Tuesday 14th July 2015

Local Democracy Week 2015
Local Democracy Week 2015 (12-18 October)

European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) is an annual event which aims to raise awareness about local government. To mark the event, the Corporate Policy Team (CPT) at Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is aiming to organise a series of events for young people, in collaboration with The Hertfordshire UK Youth Parliament (UKYC), Youth Connexions and Herts For Learning, during the week. arrow Details of events and activities for schools

arrow Tuesday 14th July 2015

Phonics and Key Stage 1
KS2 Analysis Report 2015

The KS2 Analysis report for 2015, which gives you an immediate analysis of your KS2 data, is now available for download at arrow Download KS2 Analysis report

arrow Thursday 9th July 2015

Free Financial Seminars
Free Financial Seminars in schools only

Free Independent Financial Advice Workshop for those thinking of retiring in the next two years. Workshops and initial individual consultations are provided free of charge on financial planning, career transition and pre retirement as part of Herts Rewards. See timetable for workshop details, times and venues. arrow Financial Seminars

arrow Thursday 9th July 2015

HR briefing
HR briefing for school leaders

As requested by headteachers, Herts for Learning will be introducing termly HR briefings for school leaders which will launch in the autumn term. Briefings will focus on the latest updates on employment law, HR hot topics, policy updates and what these mean for you and your school as well as provide you with practical guidance, hints and tips from HR and legal experts. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 9th July 2015

HCC’s FREE Innovative
HCC’s FREE Innovative Practical Classroom Visits

Would you like a qualified teacher to lead an exciting D&T project linked to your topic? OR Do you want your pupils to learn about an amazing array of materials for your Science targets? Take advantage of HCC’s FREE innovative practical sessions, led by an experienced teacher, who will also teach your pupils more about the value of reducing waste by reusing and recycling materials.

arrow More information

arrow Thursday 9th July 2015

Change4Life Campaign 2015
Change4Life Campaign 2015

Change4Life has launched this year’s 10 Minute Shake Up campaign with Disney. The campaign aims to encourage children to do 10 minute bursts of moderate to vigorous activity, inspired by Disney characters, throughout the day - and every day - in order to meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity children need. Schools and children’s centres across the country are being invited to join the largest ever interactive PE lesson with an exclusive 10 Minute Shake Up video. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 9th July 2015

School Security - Summer Holidays
School Security in the Summer Holidays

Hertfordshire Constabulary would like Chair of School Governors , to consider the following points in relation to the security of their school prior to the summer holidays . These are taken from a full school self- assessment form which can be downloaded from the www.herts.police.uk. arrow More information

arrow Wednesday 8th July 2015

CAMHS Review
School Waste Electrical Recycling Collections 21st – 25th September 2015

Hertfordshire Schools are again being offered the opportunity to recycle unwanted or broken electrical equipment cleared out over the Summer Holidays through a free collection service in September 2015. arrow Recycling

arrow Wednesday 8th July 2015

Honour-Based Abuse
Honour-Based Abuse & Honour Killings; 'Britain's Lost Women' - (13th-19th July)

The week brings with it a vast range of activities and campaigns across the country, to raise awareness and learning of Honour Based Abuse or Violence, including Forced Marriage. As we approach the end of the academic year and the summer holidays, this also provides us important opportunity to raise the issue amongst Hertfordshire Schools. arrow Guidance and fact sheets

arrow Wednesday 8th July 2015

CAMHS Review
The CAMHS Review

The CAMHS Review has now reported and been endorsed by the Commissioners and the Health and Wellbeing Board. arrow More information

arrow Wednesday 8th July 2015

Betjeman Poetry Prize
Betjeman Poetry Prize

The Betjeman Poetry Prize aims to foster creativity in young people whilst discovering and encouraging the next generation of British poets. arrow More information

arrow Tuesday 7th July 2015

training times
Training Times - July 2015

The latest issue includes articles on Improving children's mental health ; Meet some of our advisers; A day of exchanging educational excellence; National SBM Conference 2015; Virtual English Office launches; Web subscription service moves to Primary PA+; Forthcoming training courses. arrow Download Training Times (pdf/1MB)

arrow Wednesday 1st July 2015

HT Newsletter
School safety matters - June 2015 in schools only...

The June Health and Safety Newsletter is now available and includes information about Grid updates, new publications from the DfE and HSE , FAQs and recent court cases relevant to schools. arrow Health and Safety Newsletter

arrow Wednesday 1st July 2015

Phonics and Key Stage 1
Updates for Phonics and Key Stage 1

The DfE have now confirmed that the phonics screening check threshold mark for 2015 is 32. All schools with pupils who have taken the phonics check should now download and import updated versions of the Year 1 and Year 2 Phonics Screening wizards as advised in document S1533. In addition, an issue has been found with the calculations for APS for Current FSM pupils, so all schools reporting KS1 data are also advised to download and import the revised version of this report. updated wizards and the report can be found here.  arrow More information

arrow Tuesday 30th June 2015

Bristol Document Summaries - May 2015
Bristol Document Summaries - June 2015 in schools only...

This month's summaries present and number of reports from the Higher Education Authority and the Higher Education Policy Institute. A survey was carried out by students evaluate different aspects of their university experience. arrow Bristol Document Summaries - June 2015

arrow Monday 22nd June 2015

PSHE report
Government Prepares Response to PSHE Report as Young People Call for Statutory Status

Nicky Morgan has announced that there will be a response to the Commons Education Committee’s recommendations that PSHE education should be made a statutory subject by 26th June. This announcement comes as a new survey of young people aged 12 to 15 shows that over 9 in 10 pupils who are taught PSHE education believe that all pupils should receive these lessons.arrow More information

arrow Friday 19th June 2015

KS2 Test Results and Markschemes
Herts Computing Scheme - Version 4 is coming!

Herts for Learning is proud to announce that Version 4 of the Herts Computing Scheme for primary schools will be published at the end of August 2015. The new version will be generally updated and improved. but will also include a deeper focus on understanding around physical computers and how they "talk " to each other and will include a new emphasis on exploration and evaluation of devices and software. The new version will also provide some helpful samples of assessed work. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 18th June 2015

KS2 Test Results and Markschemes
New Statutory Duties for Schools – 1st July 2015

Schools should be aware that they have a new statutory duty from 1st July 2015 to have due regard to the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. (Schools should be alert to issues around staff, pupils and parents) . arrow More information

arrow Wednesday 17th June 2015

KS2 Test Results and Markschemes
KS2 Test Results and Markschemes – Update

Information from DfE regarding logging in to NCA Tools to access KS2 test results and markschemes. arrow More information

arrow Tuesday 16th June 2015

RE Quality Mark
News Updates - RE Quality Mark - RE FAQ's

For general news on the RE quality mark and for RE - FAQ's - Update from Herfordshire SACRE follow link to RE news pagearrow More information

arrow Tuesday 16th June 2015

Assessment Update
KS4 Assessment Update

Update on Key Stage 4 2015 performance tables checking in June and changes to the 2015 performance tables. arrow Assessment Update

arrow Tuesday 16th June 2015

Universal Infant Free School Meal Registration
Universal Infant Free School Meal Registration - Update to Schools with Infant Age Pupils

It is clear that in terms of increased uptake of meals, Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) has been a clear success in Hertfordshire. However, there has been a reduction in the numbers of free school meal claimants in the primary sector which is likely to be in part a result of the incentive for parents to register being lost..arrow More information

arrow Friday 12th June 2015

Primary Heads Seminars
Primary Heads Seminars – Summer Term 2015

The presentations for the Primary Heads Seminars are now available to download. arrow Presentations

arrow Tuesday 9th June 2015

14-19 Team Newsletter
14-19 Team Newsletter - May 2015

The May 14-19 Newsletter is now available and includes information about the training events in the Summer & Autumn Terms , Funding Updates, Resources and National Apprenticeship Week and an update from Youth Connexions. arrow 14-19 Team Newsletter

arrow Friday 5th June 2015

non executive director
The Financial Services for Schools Helpline Closing Dates

The Financial Services for Schools Helpline will be closed for training on Monday 7th September.

arrow Thursday 4th June 2015

NQT Courses
NQT Induction Training for Primary Tutors and Secondary Coordinators and Mentors – Spaces Available

Spaces are still available on the NQT Induction Programme training for Tutors: Primary – ‘Essential guide to the role of the primary NQT induction tutor for new tutors’ or ‘Refresher for experienced primary NQT induction tutors’; and Secondary – ‘Leading effective NQT induction - for secondary school coordinators (professional tutors)’ and ‘Being an effective NQT tutor (mentor) - for secondary school NQT mentors’.arrow Book online: NQT courses

arrow Wednesday 3rd June 2015

HertsCC, HfL and DfE
Mail from HertsCC, HfL and DfE going into user’s Junkmail folders

Microsoft have made a change to Office365 e-mail that means rules that previously prevented mail from specific sources going into a user’s Junkmail folders now have the opposite effect. To address this you should ensure your IT support provider follows the procedure linked to this article. Please note that if SITSS provide your Office-365 e-mail support then we are currently actioning this and you do not need to contact us unless you believe the problem is still occurring with e-mails that were first sent to your users on Thu 4th Jun 2015 or later. arrow Procedures

arrow Wednesday 3rd June 2015

July and October Taster Sessions for Maths Specialist Teacher Programme

Herts for learning is delighted to inform schools that the University of Hertfordshire is now recruiting for the 7th cohort of its highly successful Maths Specialist Teacher Programme (MaST) starting in the next academic year. arrow Details of taster sessions

arrow Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Bristol Document Summaries - May 2015
Bristol Document Summaries - May 2015 in schools only...

There is a definite ‘post-election’ feel this month with the Sutton Trust report on the educational background of our MPs, and a challenge to the continuing expansion of the academies programme by the NfER. Those colleagues who work in Initial Teacher Education will find summary 85 useful as a benchmarking tool with regard to recruitment. There is a curricular focus this month on mathematics with an evaluation of the Mathematics Mastery programme at primary and secondary level. arrow Bristol Document Summaries - May 2015

arrow Thursday 28th May 2015

National Dental Survey
National Dental Survey for 5 year olds

The Hertfordshire Special Care Dental Service is carrying out an NHS survey on the teeth of our 5 year old children. The information gained from this survey enables dental services to be targeted for groups and populations where oral health is poorest. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 28th May 2015

Local Authority Funding - SpLD Training
2015-2016 Local Authority Funding for Accredited SpLD Training

Teachers and Teaching Assistants (HLTA/TAs) working in a Hertfordshire school and with the support of the Head Teacher can apply for funding for accredited SpLD courses from a range of course providers arrow Application details

arrow Thursday 28th May 2015

Down Syndrome Conference
Down Syndrome Conference - 28th September 2015

This conference is aimed at school staff, professionals, front line workers and parents/carers of children and young people with Down Syndrome. arrow More information

arrow Thursday 21st May 2015

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