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The Hertfordshire Primary and Special NQT Induction Service

Register your NQTs Early with HfL

Whether you are an NQT, NQT induction tutor (mentor), NQT coordinator or headteacher, Herts for Learning on behalf of the Hertfordshire County Council Appropriate Body provides a robust structure, with professional guidance and support for every stage of the induction process.

Schools registering NQTs with HfL Appropriate Body Service can now access the NQT induction conference programme at a discounted price. See details in the flyer at the bottom of this page.

Why Herts for Learning?
  • an established infrastructure
  • specialist advisers and administrative staff who are experienced in advising on all matters pertaining to NQT induction
  • external verification of school’s judgement by our independent NQT Review Panel
  • contextual knowledge and liaison with key professionals including HIPs, SEAs, HR and regional union representatives
  • Knowledge of the national agenda and induction regulations
  • a dedicated support line for all NQT enquiries
  • an all-inclusive cost with no hidden fees
  • a proven record in monitoring and tracking to ensure parity across school
Schools and Academies registering their NQTs with Herts for Learning will receive:
  • administrative services for registration, monitoring and assessment including returns to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)
  • access to an on-line system for headteachers, induction coordinators, tutors and NQTs
  • an NQT Induction Handbook and Toolkit for all NQTs and tutors detailing the most up to date guidance on the induction process
  • telephone, e-mail and face to face advice, support and guidance for headteachers/ coordinators, induction tutors and NQTs
  • advice, support and guidance where NQTs experience difficulties and are assessed at C2/D grade and below (this includes any necessary monitoring, additional intervention and formal meetings with unions)
  • quality assurance to ensure consistency across schools
Hertfordsire Appropriate Body Service only:

The total cost of the package per school is £365 per NQT (excluding VAT) up to a maximum of two NQTs and £210 per NQT thereafter (excluding VAT).

To register your NQT(s) for induction go to

For further information please contact:

Becs Hobbs, Programme Lead (NQT Induction)
Telephone: 01438 844755

Download flyer: