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Advanced Skills Teachers (AST)

The arrangements for Advanced Skills Teachers (AST) ended on 31 August 2013, following the School Teacher’s Review Body’s recommendations. The Review Body recommended that these higher-level standards be abolished as part of a wider package of reform to give schools greater freedom to determine how teachers are paid.

Schools will not be able to employ teachers as ASTs or ETs after 1 September 2013. They will, however, be able to create posts on a new pay range which has the same minimum and maximum levels as the AST pay spine. This pay range is designated for teachers whose primary purpose is to model and lead improvement of teaching skills. It will be for individual schools to decide whether or not to create such posts and, if so, whether or not to move exiting ASTs and ETs into them.

National Assessment Agency for Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) and Excellent Teachers (ETs) (Archive)

The National Assessment Agency for ASTs and ETs assess all ASTs and ETs and provides information about the status, the assessment process and best practice in deployment.


Hertfordshire AST Handbook (Archive)

The Hertfordshire AST handbook giving answers to FAQ and the deployment of ASTs throughout the county is available to download.

Promoting excellence in Hertfordshire

Download Hertfordshire AST Handbook

  • What is an Advanced Skills Teacher?
  • What are the key purposes of an AST?
  • What can a Curriculum Adviser do for an AST?
  • What do ASTs do?
  • How might an AST support an individual teacher?
  • Contacts
  • Publications and useful websites

Download Handbook:

Primary Forms:

Apppendix 1 Work Plan

Appendix 2 Weekly Report

Appendix 3 Self Review

Appendix 4 Review of AST Work

Secondary Forms:

Apppendix 1 School visit log

Apppendix 2 AST Termly Work

Apppendix 3 Self Review

Appendix 4 Review of AST Work