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Support for Teaching and Learning

Learning Mentors
Behaviour and Pastoral Workers
Attendance Workers
ICT/Science/Technology/Art / Music/ Reprographic / Technicians
Resource Co-ordinators
Sports/Leisure Instructors
Cycling Proficiency, Swimming
Mid-day Supervisors
SEN Supervisory Assistants
Extended Schools Consortium Co-ordinators
Out of hours /Extended Schools Workers
CSF Workers

Cover supervisors

Cover supervisors are suitably-trained school staff who supervise pupils when teaching staff are absent.

Pupil support staff

Pupil support staff are responsible for the welfare of pupils during break, lunchtime and outside school hours. This group also includes those who assist pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and those who provide careers advice.

Play workers

Play workers plan, organise and supervise activities for children and young people inside and outside school.

Learning mentors
Learning mentors support, motivate and challenge pupils who are underachieving. They help pupil overcome barriers to learning caused by social, emotional and behavioural problems.

Midday supervisors

Midday supervisors look after the welfare of pupils in the dinner hall and playground during lunchtime.

Careers advisers

Careers advisers work in secondary schools with pupils who are nearing the end of their school days, helping them make informed decisions on education, training and job opportunities.

School nurses

School nurses help promote good health and raise awareness of health issues in schools. They also work with children who have specific health issues and are responsible for running immunisation and vaccination programmes.

Specialist and Technical Staff

Specialist and technical staff are on hand in schools to provide valuable know-how and resources that support teaching and learning.


Librarians manage all the library resources in a school, including print, audio-visual, online and e-learning material. 

Science technicians

Science technicians ensure science lessons run smoothly by looking after and setting up equipment and helping out with demonstrations and practical classes.

ICT technicians

ICT technicians look after school networks, install, order and maintain software and hardware and provide technical support.

Craft, design & technology (CDT) technicians

CDT technicians prepare and maintain equipment, provide practical lesson support and carry out risk assessments.

Sports technicians

Sports technicians set up and maintain equipment and assist sports teachers with PE lessons.

Food technicians

Food technicians help prepare food and equipment for lessons, ensure health and safety regulations are met and assist with lessons.