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Working as an HLTA Case Studies

The following are case studies on the impact of Higher Level Teaching Assistants in Hertfordshire schools. We are very grateful to the following schools for providing information which has enabled these case studies to be prepared. We hope that they provide a stimulus to other schools in planning how best to utilise Higher Level Teaching Assistants to support pupils' learning.


HLTA and School

Key Stage

July 2007


Larwood Special School

Jackie Whitaker:

  • Delivers PPA time for her class teacher with another HLTA, Tash Theyara
  • Is responsible for receiving pupils into the school from the taxis in the morning and seeing them off in the afternoon
  • Is in charge of dining room arrangements at lunch-time
  • Holds TA meetings
  • Provides high level support for a Year 3 class
  • Acts as an appraiser for other teaching assistants


June 2007

St John's JMI School, Lemsford

Judith Pewsey


  • teaches Literacy and Numeracy to Year 5 pupils from a combined Year 5/6 class for three mornings a week. This enables the class teacher to work intensively with Year 6 pupils in the run up to Key Stage 2 tests
  • works with every class in Science for at least one lesson a week. Depending on individual circumstances, Judith might support the class teacher, team teach with her, or take the class with the teacher supporting her
  • provides some of the PPA time for the Year 5/6 teacher by taking the class for Science
  • is the school’s Science Co-ordinator
  • runs a Young Investigators Club after school, which has resulted in 25 pupils receiving awards from Glaxo


KS1 and KS2

June 2007

Hemel Hempstead School

Melanie Davies


  • works at a high level in the Maths department as part of a very effective team
  • is the Year 7 Pastoral Support Manager
  • visits primary schools as part of the school’s transition arrangements
  • will give advice to teachers on differentiation, and makes sure that TAs provide support for statemented pupils effectively
  • has complete responsibility for planning and delivering her work with an “entry level” student, who needs a lot of individual work
  • becomes involved in a wide variety of other activities round the school



June 2007

St Luke's School

Jane Foster

The school benefits because:

  • when teachers are absent for any reason disruption to pupils is minimal
  • cover is provided by permanent, dedicated Learning Facilitators whose aim is to progress learning
  • teachers know that the work that they leave will be delivered to a high standard
  • St Luke’s has delivered the requirement for teachers to cover “rarely”
  • the system is extremely cost effective



May 2007

Knutsford School

Jackie Sansom


  • is the Lead teaching assistant in the school
  • provides PPA time for Key Stage 1
  • is general teaching assistant for Year 2
  • covers Waive 3 SEN for Years 2 and 4
  • delivers a speaking and listening intervention programme
  • is a first aider
  • is a staff governor

KS1 and KS2

May 2007

Homerswood Primary School
Linda Chilton


  • works as part of a genuine teaching team in the Reception class
  • advances learning during the teacher’s PPA time
  • provides continuity if the teacher is ill or on a course
  • provides a sounding board for the head
  • is on the governing body


May 2007

Cassiobury Infants School
Terri Adcock


  • is the nursery nurse in two Reception classes on a rotating half-termly basis. “This keeps things fresh and means I know 60 children well, not just 30.”
  • provides PPA time in the reception classes and occasionally in Key Stage 1, so that teaching and learning for the pupils is consistent and seamless
  • is the ICT co-ordinator


May 2007

Aldbury CE Primary School
Rose McNeill


  • provides PPA time for two classes, for which she gets time to prepare
  • provides some of the cover when teachers are ill or on courses
  • delivers the Early Literacy Strategy
  • is the Team Leader for all the teaching assistants in the school
  • has responsibility for the school website

KS1 and KS2

May 2007

Stream Woods JMI School
Carole Nash


  • advances learning when the Key Stage 1 teachers have their PPA time.
  • provides continuity for pupils and their learning when one of their teachers is absent
  • is the Senior Teaching Assistant
  • is Play Leader at lunch-time


May 2007

Wheatfields Junior School

Nicola Cramphorn


  • is the Senior TA, with management responsibility for other TAs
  • is an NVQ assessor
  • delivers PPA time by taking whole classes for ICT
  • is also an important member of a year group



July 2007


The Priory Secondary School

Angela Benucci


  • manages the Individual Study Centre, the success of which has:
  1. reduced exclusion levels in the school
  2. improved the behaviour of the most challenging students
  3. improved attendance of a range of pupils
  4. progressed the learning of those that have attended
  5. had a positive effect on behaviour generally
  • runs a Homework Club which operates at lunch-times and after school
  • runs workshops on anger management, building self-esteem, drug awareness and other topics
  • organises a summer school for Year 6 pupils joining the following September
  • and teaches a Year 7 Technology group with “superb results” (deputy head)



KS3 & KS4