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Support Staff Case Studies


Nobel School

School No: 103

M. T. – Assistant Headteacher


December 2007

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M. is responsible for Induction, Performance Management and Continuing Professional Development for all staff in the school.


Induction starts in July for all new staff who are joining the school in September if they are able to attend.  They are invited to spend the day getting to know new colleagues and familiarise themselves with the school layout. All staff have a tour of the school on interview day.

The day begins with a ‘Welcome’ from the Head teacher followed by a session from M. on Child Protection and Every Child Matters. She also explains CPD opportunities and support available from school for all staff members.  New staff then spend time in relevant areas observing and shadowing peers. They are not allocated mentors but work closely with colleagues. At the end of the day staff meet for a question and answer session. During this day, staff have an ICT SIMs session as the register is done this way and often support staff use the laptop to register classes if covering lessons. It is felt that this is a good way for new team members to meet other new team members. In September, Support Staff are invited to attend the INSET to receive the same training as the teachers and are paid for this.

Valuing all staff is important at Nobel and early on in the new school year a barbeque is organised for colleagues and their families to meet and get to know each other.

Induction is then ongoing with planned twilight training sessions covering Teaching & Learning, Behaviour Management and Rewards and also Child Protection. All staff are welcome to attend NQT induction sessions if it is relevant to their role, which are conducted in-house.  At the beginning of the year all support staff are issued with a ‘Professional Portfolio’ highlighting and logging training. A copy of the Support Staff CPD Framework is also included.

As part of INSET an annual conference is arranged every May at the Novotel in Stevenage and, again, all staff and Governors are invited to attend. Subjects covered include: Well Being, CP & ECM and Specialist Status. The next one planned will focus on Behaviour Management.   This is preceded the evening before by a staff meal.

M.’s door is always open to staff and she is always available to answer questions and give support when needed.

Support Roles and Training

Cover Supervisors are assigned to Year groups and cover all lessons following clear written instructions from the teacher. When not covering classes, they help with admin support and pastoral support within their year groups. Teaching Assistants work in subject areas and support in class as instructed by the teacher or with individual students. Some TAs deliver lessons and several TAs work as unqualified teachers. Nobel has one HLTA, who if the SENCo is unavailable, will take on the role.

Training and Courses
Support staff are offered training outside school but they have to apply giving reasons why they want to do the training. A needs analysis is discussed and, if the budget allows, training is provided.

The school has paid for several of the Admin staff to undertake NVQ training. One TA has achieved HLTA status and M. is hoping that more TAs may be interested in achieving the status.

The school is committed to raising the profile of all its Support Staff and has also paid for one Science Technician to undertake GCSE science and is now paying for her to do A’ Level science.

The Site Manager has recently undertaken training relevant to his role.

Various members of the support staff team have undertaken First Aid and fire extinguisher training.

Performance Management

All support staff have had Performance management reviews for several years.  Teaching staff have had a clear CPD route mapped for them.    Now that this is firmly established, M. is now focusing on all support staff and is working on a coherent plan as to how Support staff can develop in their specific roles and to point out what training is available to them. She is very interested in SWiS qualification and is looking to have the NAPTA survey done in the near future. All Teaching and Learning Support Staff have completed the NAPTA profile which has been used in their Performance Management.

Performance Management
Performance Management is very structured and well organised within the school. Reviewers ideally undertake no more than 3 reviews and tend to review the same members of the team year after year.
Each reviewee is given a self-review form to complete and bring to the review meeting where areas of further development and support are identified.  An action plan is then drawn up and a copy given to the CPD Coordinator, M., to make sure that relevant training will follow as relevant. A Mid Term Review takes place in April/May followed in October by the End of Year Review. Then the cycle starts again.