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The Annual Hertfordshire Teacher Recruitment Fairs 2018 by Teach in Herts teachinherts

Herts for Learning is delighted to be able to make a significant investment from its 2017/18 profits to run the award-winning Teach in Herts Teacher Recruitment Fairs again in 2018.

Andrew de Csilléry, Managing Director at Herts for Learning Ltd. said: “The education sector is facing a recruitment crisis and we recognise that this is the number one challenge that schools face, not only in Hertfordshire but nationally.
“At Herts for Learning, we want to support our shareholding schools in finding and retaining high-quality teaching staff, by assisting them with the recruitment process and providing excellent training and development opportunities for staff at all levels of their teaching careers. As a not-for-profit organisation, I am delighted that Herts for Learning is able to invest our profit back into the Hertfordshire education system and host events such as the Teach in Herts Recruitment Fair.

“This will be the fourth year that we have run this successful and high profile event at Stevenage and in 2018 we will also be piloting a satellite fair, located in the south of the county, with the aim of attracting career changers, NQTs and experienced teachers from London and the suburbs around the M25 ring.”

The Teach in Herts Recruitment Services has run since 2001 and its long-term purpose is unchanged:Save the date

  • To develop a long-term supply chain for the teaching profession in Hertfordshire
  • To improve the numbers of quality teachers applying to Hertfordshire schools
  • To provide an informal environment for both NQTs, experienced teachers and career changers to meet schools face-to-face and get careers advice and workshops


This year, we are planning to run two recruitment fairs, one in the south of the county and our traditional fair in Stevenage. This will have an even bigger physical footprint and exposure over time and your support and attendance at either or both of these events is needed to ensure Hertfordshire is the first choice for those wishing to enter or develop their career within the teaching profession. The first recruitment fair has now taken place and has received great feedback from schools.


Stevenage Recruitment Fair – Saturday 10th March 2018 – 10am to 2pm
Location: Hertfordshire Development Centre, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, SG1 2FQ


Main Recruitment Fair

The Main Teacher Recruitment Fair at Stevenage will operate across the whole of the ground floor of the Hertfordshire Development Centre and The Hub restaurant providing two very large spaces for schools to exhibit. Based on feedback from both schools and attendees, we are opening on a tighter time frame of 10am to 2pm.

Once again, we are aiming for 600 delegates again, supported by a wider regional radio and social media campaign plus emails to current and last year’s contacts. We will be aiming to include all the elements of last year’s very successful fair.

School bookings for the Main event are now open and you can book your school on to the Saturday 10th March 2018 event by completing our Survey Monkey. Yes, you can book on to both!

Attendee booking is now open and will be boosted by a social media campaign and enhanced by a radio campaign closer to the event to ensure numbers attending are as high as possible.




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