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Safer Staffing - Recruitment

This section gives you information about Safer Recruitment procedure and practice.

DfE: Keeping children safe: updated statutory guidance for schools (September 2016)

Statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment.

Safer Recruitment Training

The Safer Recruitment training is intended to help schools fulfil their responsibility to have in place safe recruitment and selection practice within the wider context of safeguarding children and to make safeguarding children central to all we do.

Experience over the years shows the importance of organisations that provide services to children incorporating measures that help deter, reject, or identify people who might abuse children. Promoting the welfare of children is an integral part of HR management in organisations that work with children and is essential to creating safe environments.

This course will provide: awareness and understanding of offender behaviour; the key features of staff recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people; support to consider or review, your own organisations, policies and practises to minimise opportunities for abuse and ensure an ongoing culture of vigilance.

The outcomes of the course are as follows;

  • Enable your school to meet the requirement for the headteacher and one governor to complete the accredited Safer Recruitment Training
  • Receive face to face training from an accredited trainer
  • Ensure that your appointment panel includes one trained recruiter
  • Train headteachers, nominated governors and other senior staff, who have authority to make appointments and who have been unable to complete the on-line training

Online booking for Safer Recruitment courses for headteachers, nominated governors and other senior staff.

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