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Overseas Trained Teachers (OTTs)

Advice to schools when recruiting teachers who trained overseas (OTTs)

Citizens from countries within the European Economic Area (The EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway) who have qualified teacher status in their home country will normally be granted QTS by the GTCE. What follows does not apply to these individuals.

Teachers who trained in countries outside of the EEA are deemed to be “unqualified” and as such can only be offered a temporary contract. They should be paid on the unqualified scale, but can be paid above the maximum if their experience and skills warrant this.

If you appoint an OTT, as the employer you are required to organise the work permit for your teacher. More details are available on the website:

and the necessary forms can be downloaded from the site.

If the OTT proves to be good and you are keen to retain the individual, then progress towards QTS is advisable as soon as possible. The OTTP is delivered by a number of providers, locally this is the University of Hertfordshire. Full details are available on their website:

From the University home page select “Education” in the drop down box labelled “school”.

Next select “information”, then “employment based routes”, then “OTTP”.

The University does expect the school to have made initial assessment against QTS before making an application.

There is an initially charge, currently £300, but there are also hidden costs involving the time needed for the OTT to complete the programme. This normally takes between 1 and 2 terms.