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HR Policies, Procedures & Guidance A-Z for Schools

Welcome to the HR Policies, Procedures and Guidance Pages for Schools.

Last updated: 11 October, 2017

Schools' HR Portal Important

In April 2016 the HfL Schools’ HR Advisory Team introduced an HR knowledge portal which is accessible from the Herts for Learning website.

The portal is free for all schools which subscribe to our HR service subscription package.

Details of how to access the portal were sent to all Head@email addresses in April 2016. If this did not reach you or you are otherwise unable to access the portal, please call: 01438 844893 or email

Since April 2016 the policies and guidance on the Grid has not been updated. The new policies that were introduced in April were exclusively made available via the portal. Existing policies were left available on the Grid until October half term 2016 to allow for a transition period giving schools time to save or update their policies. These have now all been removed. We can supply copies of previous policy versions upon request.

Once you have signed in to the HfL website, using the details sent to you, you will find access to the HR portal via the ‘My resources’ section.


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Agency Workers Regulations
Model Leave of Absence Policy (Schools’ HR Portal)
Model Alcohol and Drugs Gambling at Work Policy (Schools’ HR Portal)


Anti-Bribery Model Policy



Model Capability Procedure for Schools (Schools’ HR Portal)
Childcare Disqualification Guidance (Schools’ HR Portal)
Model Code of Conduct (Schools’ HR Portal)
Continuous Service Provisions for Teaching and Support Staff (Schools’ HR Portal)
Guidance for governing bodies of schools with Children Centres
Guidance for Schools on Co-Headships
Contract of Employment (Part 2) for Support Staff - under April 2012 Collective Agreement
Contract of Employment (Part 2) for Support Staff - outside April 2012 Collective Agreement
Contract of Employment (Part 2) for Teaching Staff - April 2015
Family Carers Guide - May 2015



Extended Services in Schools

Changing an employment contract

English Language Fluency Duty

Manager Guidance on Fluency


Flexible Retirement Agreement
Flexible Retirement Application Form - Schools
Flexible Retirement - Toolkit
Model Flexibile Working Policy (Schools’ HR Portal)
Fixed Term Regulations Briefing

The Fixed Term (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002 place additional responsibilities on the employer:

Guidance on Fixed-Term Employees



Model Grievance Procedure (Schools’ HR Portal)


Model Health & Attendance Policy (Schools HR Portal)
Model Harassment and Bullying Policy and Procedure (Schools’ HR Portal)


New Local Government Pay Offer (Schools’ HR Portal)


Notice Periods


Ofsted Framework Audit for Teaching, Learning, Behaviour and Progress Over Time in schools only...

Due to copyright restrictions held by Educate Services you must not publish this document on your school website or any other public domain.



Model Pay and Performance Appraisal Policy (within HCC 2012 collective agreement) (Schools’ HR Portal)
Model Pay and Performance Appraisal Policy (outside HCC 2012 collective agreement) (Schools’ HR Portal)
Teacher Pay Award (Schools’ HR Portal)
Probationary Procedure Toolkit (Schools’ HR Portal)
Implementing Performance Related Pay Decisions Guidance
Pay Protection Collective Agreement
Model Performance Related Increments (PRI) Policy for Schools Support Staff

Personal Records - Filing in schools - see under F

Primary Subject Co-ordination - see under S

CSF0017 Model Probationary Policy for Support Staff in Schools



Restructure Guidance (Schools’ HR Portal)
Appointing Residential Staff - Guidance for Schools




Shared Parental Leave Toolkit (Schools’ HR Portal)
Shared Parental Leave Policy (Schools’ HR Portal)
Model Safer Recruitment Policy (Schools’ HR Portal)
Self-Employed Worker Guidance
Subject Co-ordination and TLR Payments in Primary Schools


Guidance for Management of Work Related Stress (Schools’ HR Portal)
Model Whistleblowing Policy - April 2016