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Herts for Learning HR Policies and Procedures

The Herts for Learning HR Services' policies, procedures and supporting documents can be found on the HR Services Portal which can is accessed via the Herts for Learning website. The portal provides a wealth of materials including streamlined policies, consulted upon with recognised trade unions which means that schools and academies don’t have to. Schools also have access to toolkits and guidance documents.

The HR Services Portal includes specific documents for maternity/paternity leave, pay and reward, managing performance, flexible working, time off work, health and attendance, restructure and many more.

Access to the HR services knowledge portal is only available to schools buying a core or full HR service with Herts for Learning.

Find out more about our core or full HR services on the Herts for Learning website:

Subscribing schools now have access to the HR portal via their own individual school account logins (rather than a shared login) on the Herts for Learning website. Details were emailed individually to schools, if this did not reach you or you are otherwise unable to access the portal, please call: 01438 845111 or email  


HCC HR policies and procedures are available on the Grid at: