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Performance Management for Support Staff - Templates & Forms

Hertfordshire County Council's Performance Management and Development Scheme in schools only

Forms and guidance for Hertfordshire County Council's Performance Management and Development Scheme can be found on Compass, the HCC intranet.


Example Forms from Schools

The following are downloadable versions of performance management documents created by schools/settings for use with their support staff. With thanks to the schools who have provided the documents.

Appraisal Form for Teaching Assistant - Reed First School
Appraisal Form for Teaching Assistant - Headteacher From - Reed First School
IDP Self Review - The Priory School
PMR Support Staff - The Priory School
PMR Extended Services - Adrienne Arthurs, ESCO Stevenage North
IDP Support Staff - The Priory School
LSA Supporting Inclusion - Fearnhill School
LSA Self Review - Fearnhill School
LSA Self Assessment - Fearnhill School


Resources for CPD Leaders

De Havilland Primary School, Hatfield recently took part in the Developing CPD Leadership for Primary Schools project that was funded by the Training and Development Agency (TDA).  The project supported primary ‘hub schools’ in developing CPD leadership for all school staff throughout their consortium.  Acting Assistant Headteacher, Janet Packer, took on this role and has produced resources to be used in the Performance Management (PM) process and to be shared throughout the consortium.

Janet Packer gave this account of the materials that she produced.

‘These tables have been prepared to support CPD leaders seeking standards to use for Performance Management of support staff. They have been compiled using standards from a variety of sources: i.e. National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC), and Support Work in Schools (SWiS). The format of the tables links support staff standards to teaching standards for ease of reference.

These standards are a useful reference from which suitable objectives for Performance Management can be found, which link to the whole school objectives that are being used for teachers' PM.’

CPD/PM  structure - Teaching Assistant
CPD/PM  structure - Site Manager
CPD/PM  structure - Midday Supervisory Assistant
CPD/PM  structure - Higher Level Teaching Assistants
CPD/PM  structure - Admin Staff