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Safety issues

Are you publishing everything about your school on your web site? Does having a web site have implications for the safety of the school community? Find out some of the issues here.

CSF Policy for Safe Use of Images in Schools revised

A revised version of this document has been published in May 2009.

Increasingly, technology is making it easier to use pictures and images in printed materials or on the web. Along with this freedom comes the responsibility to protect vulnerable individuals. This document is issued by CSF to ensure that the safety of children is not compromised when using images in schools.

The policy is available to download here along with some example consent forms:

Information about Children

When your school communicates information about itself using its web site, this information will often involve children - use these pages to get an overview of issues to consider.

Information about Staff

How much information about your school's staff should be available on your school's web site? These pages will give you the information you need to make sure that everything you do is acceptable to your school's staff.

Data Protection Act 1998

Most people think of this Act as being associated with computer databases only, but as time has gone on, more of the Act's provisions have been introduced, and now covers the use of images.

Webcams and Other Digital Imaging Devices

Ever thought of having a web cam in school? What about video conferencing, digital video, multi-media messaging phones and other devices? These pages give more information and guidance on safety issues associated with these technologies.

Example Images

A number of sample images are available, together with analysis of any issues which they might raise. These pages should give you the ability to assess how 'safe' or otherwise any of your own images are.