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Children's Centres Websites and Email Services

This page outlines for Children's Centres , the support which is on offer for setting up a website and email services from the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGFL). Please also refer to the Communications Toolkit which is available on the Hertfordshire Children's Centre website:

Website Hosting

Each Children's Centre has web space available for their website on the HGfL web server which is managed by Research Machines (RM). There is a domain name for all Hertfordshire Children's Centres which has already been registered as:

Each Children's Centre website is accessed by using this domain name followed by their centre name e.g.

Children's Centres will be issued with a username and password for accessing their web space. Please contact Alison Bellerby at if you require this information to be resent to you.



Email Services

Microsoft provides (Live@Edu) e-mail accounts for Children's Centres .  These e-mail accounts can be used from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser.

Two e-mail accounts are usually provisioned for each centre using the following format:

Alison Bellerby is the administrator of Children's Centre e-mail. Please contact if you require an e-mail account setting up.

Further information about the e-mail service can be found at:

If you require support with your e-mail account please call 01438 844777 or e-mail



Website Support Services

We provide advice and support for website development for Children's Centres through training courses, onsite visits and telephone help. Please contact Alison Bellerby - 01438 844777, (Option 1 and then Option 5) - if you require help with updating or developing your website.


Dreamweaver Training Courses

We offer one day training courses in building and updating your website using Dreamweaver software.

Dreamweaver – New to Managing and Updating your Website' is for Children's Centre staff who are new to website design and have taken over responsibility for a existing website which has been built using templates, tables and stylesheets.

Details of courses available to book online (select term and Subject - ICT to search for the Dreamweaver courses)


Dreamweaver Software

Children's Centres may need to obtain a copy of the latest version of the Dreamweaver web publishing software. The software is available from Hertfordshire Business Supplies. Tel: 01707 292300.


Preparing for Your Website Support Visit

  • Refer to the Preparing Content help sheet available on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning School Website section.
  • Look at some of the existing Children's Centres websites for ideas for content -
  • Collect information like newsletters, diary dates, what's on offer and details of toy libraries.


Further Information

Further information and guidance is available through our series of helpsheets available at: