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School staff who have recently attended training by the SEND advisers have commented:

Always very useful briefings, you condense the national picture into manageable bite size pieces for us. always go away feeling positive even though there are actions to follow up on. Thank you.

An excellent course which has helped me to understand this new role much more clearly. Thank you

Felt inspired and confident about planning a strategic way forward for SEND within our school.

Herts for Learning provides consultancy and support to ensure high quality inclusive provision in schools and other settings through monitoring, challenging and intervention strategies.

We provide training and consultancy to support the self evaluation and strategic planning of inclusive provision, particularly in relation to special educational needs and disabilities and gifted and talented provision. We support schools with briefings for SEND and most able to disseminate update schools on key national and local issues and share free resources.

For further information and to discuss your needs please contact:

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:


National SENCo Award/Advanced SENCo and other Accredited Courses

For over six years, a unique partnership of SEN leads across the region has been collaborating to run the National Award for SEN Coordination and the follow-on SEN Master’s suite programmes.  This has enabled a nationally prescribed course to run successfully in local areas, ensuring SENCOs achieve the required learning outcomes whilst building local knowledge and developing effective support networks.

The outstanding reputation of the course is well recognised and the Eastern Partnership (SEND) team working with the University of Hertfordshire will, by summer this year, have enabled over 1,400 SENCOs across the region to successfully gain their Awards. In addition, the first group of SENCOs has just completed the SEN Master’s suite to gain their MA in Education and Leadership.

The exciting announcement is that on 9th May 2016, the administration and quality assurance processes for the Eastern Partnership (SEND) will move to Herts for Learning (HfL), from the Eastern Leadership Centre (ELC).   This follows a strong relationship with the ELC over the last few years and is fantastic news, as Herts for Learning is a vibrant and growing organisation.

This move to HfL gives a secure and dynamic future for the SEN Master’s Suite programmes run by the team who form the Eastern Partnership (SEND). The course administration is now being looked after by Herts for Learning.

In summary, the National Award Qualification retains its nationally approved status; and the pathway to a full Master’s qualification through the Advanced SENCO and SENCO as Leaders Awards is unchanged.

The Eastern Partnership will be delivering the following programmes

  • National Award for SEN Coordination
  • Advanced SENCO Award
  • SENCO as Leaders Award
  • Advanced Skills for Teaching Assistants (Level 4) SEN Focus
  • Certificate for SENCOs in Early Years
  • Practice Based Research Project (MA Dissertation)
  • Award for SENCOs in Early Years

Please contact the Eastern Partnership on 01438 845734 or email

or visit:


SEND CPD Courses



What's New

Outstanding SENCOs

A new three day course (one day per term) for SENCOs wishing to develop outstanding practice. This innovative and dynamic course will give you the confidence to question, analyse and consider the systems,practices and impact on children with SEND within your school. You will be challenged to develop your own distinctive style as a SENCO to build confidence in others and create effective teams. The course willinclude consideration of the latest research and its implications within your school. There will be a focus on developing your own leadership skills and styles and growing a strong sense of accountability across the school which will impact positively on outcomes for children and young people with SEND.

How to book

To book your place on this event please visit the Herts for Learning website to book online:

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:

Outstanding Senco Flyer

Leadership of SEN /Self Evaluation

The aptGO is an innovative audit and planning school improvement tool focusing on special educational needs and disability (SEND) At the end of the day you have a clear picture of your current practice explored in detail through the Ofsted framework. A full report will be providing summarising baseline judgement and next steps for each area. The cost of the day is 750 including all materials, facilitator and full report.

Feedback from Hertfordshire Headteachers:

"It was a very well run and useful day. It helped us get a clear view of our present practices and allowed us to make an evidenced-based judgement against current Ofsted criteria. Despite a very large agenda the day was timed to perfection and we left with a useful and workable tool."

"Thank you very much for getting this report to me so quickly. We have just shared it with the SLT and on reflection, we found yesterday such a beneficial day. It was a very productive day and has given us real 'food for thought' as well as very clear actions as to how we can move forwards at ( school). We found it a very positive day and I would highly recommend the audit to any school."

To register for aptGo contact the Eastern Partnership on 01438 845734 or email

or visit: