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Hertfordshire Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration in Potters Bar Event is now full

Hertfordshire SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education) will host its annual Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration

Date: Wednesday 24th January 2018
Time: 12:45pm for a 1.00pm start
Venue: Dame Alice Owen’s School, Dugdale Hill Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 2DU
(In case of inclement weather, the reserve date will be Tuesday 30th January 2018)

The purpose of HMD is to learn from the past, remembering the millions of people killed in the Holocaust and in subsequent genocides and to honour the survivors.

Guest speaker: Zigi Shipper

Born in Poland, into a Jewish religious family and now living in Bushey, Hertfordshire, 87 year old Zigi Shipper was 9 when war broke out. Forced into the overcrowded Lodz ghetto with his grandparents, Zigi  lived amongst the disease and malnutrition but in 1942 escaped the children’s mass deportation to Chelmno death camp. Surviving alone for nearly two years, until the ghetto was liquidated, Zigi was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau and later on to the Stutthof concentration camp near Danzig. As the Soviets approached, Zigi was forced on a so called death march to Neustadt, a naval town in Germany and loaded onto boats en route to Denmark to be used for slave labour. The Nazis fled as the British Air Force bombed his boat.  Barely alive due to malnutrition and exhaustion,  Zigi was liberated by British troops on 3rd May 1945.  He recuperated in hospital for 3 months and moved on to a Displaced Persons’ Camp in Germany.

Zigi finally settled in the UK in 1947, where he married and now has a large family. He works tirelessly travelling around the UK sharing his story and educating people of all ages with a message of humanity and hope. In July this year heaccompanied the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their visit to the former Nazi concentration camp Stutthof were he was incarcerated.  Zigi has told his story to prime ministers, international governments, school children and the England football team. In 2016, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire Medal for services to Holocaust education.
A quote from Zigi:  “Once you let hate into your heart, through words or actions, it can lead anywhere. The Nazis and their collaborators were ordinary people driven by hatred and look what was allowed to happen. Millions were murdered. Don’t hate, we are all the same, Jew, Muslim, Christian, all faiths and none, we are all humanity.  If I live a thousand years I cannot forget what I saw and I cannot standby and let it happen again.  I continue to tell my story to young and old and I will keep doing it as long as I live.”  Zigi Shipper, 09.12.17

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 is ‘The Power of Words’

As a timely reminder, it explores the impact that words had in the Holocaust and in subsequent genocides - through propaganda used to incite, slogans written in resistance, memoirs written to record and words intended to challenge.

The words that we see and hear today – in newspapers, online, in conversations – are words that we choose to use and they all have an impact upon us and those around us. HMD 2018 will ask us to consider our responsibilities to recognise and actively respond, learn from the past and to create a safer, better future for our communities.

Dame Alice Owen’s School will host the event. Created by students for students, our 350-strong audience will comprise seventeen schools from across Hertfordshire. In an act of remembrance, reflection and learning, eight secondary schools will perform using a variety of drama, film, music and readings. In addition, a commemorative memorial of student artwork will be also exhibited.

 This will be the Hertfordshire SACRE’s 10th anniversary HMD commemoration event – with a proud legacy of educating over 5,000 students and teachers across Hertfordshire.

For information about the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust visit:

Follow the link below for further resources to support KS3 teaching and learning in History, RE/Philosophy, Citizenship/PSHE

The following project will allow year 6-8 students to explore the experience of refugees, asking the challenging questions that this topic raises.

Stories from Willesden Lane N.W.6

An interdisciplinary project surrounding The Kindertransport, for students in years 6-8 from the Holocaust Educational Trust and Hold On To Your Music Foundation. Supporting British Values, key themes include Jewish life and persecution under the Nazis, life as a refugee in wartime London and the importance of collective action, explored through music, theatre and text.

This is a free resource to all schools in the London and Hertfordshire area.

SACRE – Current Provision and Teaching of RE in Secondary Schools

We have written to all secondary schools in Hertfordshire on behalf of the Hertfordshire SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) following an important national report published earlier this term.

SACRE Letter to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools

Farmington Scholarships For Teachers 2018/2019

Applications are invited for Farmington Scholarships from Teachers of Religious Education and associated subjects and Headteachers for up to eight weekof study and research at one of 15 Universities throughout the UK or home-based tutor supervision.

Farmington Scholarships For Teachers 2018/2019

ExploRE Workshops in Primary Schools

The Bridgebuilders Christian Trust is now offering workshops to support Religious Education in primary schools in the Stevenage locality.

ExploRE Workshops in Primary Schools

State of the Nation – Provision of RE in Secondary Schools (September 2017)

A a report written by the joint PR Groups of the REC/NATRE/REtoday.The State of the Nation report looks at the extent to which schools in England meet their statutory requirements to teach RE. It provides a comparison between schools where the RE curriculum is determined in three ways:

The State of the Nation Report

Religious Education for All

An interim report for consultation by the Commission on RE (this is relevant to all stages of education). All state-funded schools in England should publish details of their approach to religious education and how they meet the requirements of a new National Entitlement for RE, under proposals set out in an interim report by the Commission on Religious Education.

Commission on Religious Education Interim Report
Executive Summary Report
Core Interim Release Report

Find out more :

The Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education 2017-2022 front cover competition

The Hertfordshire SACRE would like to thank all the Hertfordshire teachers and students who entered the front cover competition for the Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education 2017- 2022. The theme ‘Religion for Today and Tomorrow’ attracted hundreds of entries and they were all of a very high standard - we've really enjoyed looking at all the pictures that the children sent, a selection of which follows. A panel of RE professionals judged the competition and after much careful consideration chose 1 secondary school winner and 3 joint primary school winners. We are therefore delighted to announce that the following entries will be published on the front and back covers of the Hertfordshire Religious Education syllabus for the future which is due to be implemented in schools in September 2017.

There follows a selection of the judges favourite competition entries, congratulations to all those who took part:


Bishop’s Hatfield Girls School – Melody Cremer, Year 10, Age 14 (pdf)

Cunningham Hill Junior School – Megan Antonia Liddle, Year 6, Age 11 (pdf)

Chambersbury Primary School – Leo Snailham, Year 5, Age 9 (pdf)

Summerswood Primary School – Amarissa Sunday, Year 3, Age 7 (pdf)

Runners up

Bushey Manor Junior School - Kasumi Foster, Age 8 (pdf)

Boxmoor Primary School - Lola Snell, Age 9 (pdf)

Chater Junior School - Andrei Makhoul, Age 10 (pdf)

Cunningham Infant School - Wouter De Vynck, Age 7 (pdf)

Goffs Oak Primary School - Chloe Constantine, Age 6 (pdf)

Galley Hill Primary & Nursery School - Owen, Age 10 (pdf)

Gaddesden Row JMI School - Paisley Thackeray, Age 10 (pdf)

High Beeches Primary School- Rosie Helsby, Age 11 (pdf)

Homerswood Primary & Nursery School - Jayden Newland, Y6 (pdf)

Millfield First & Nursery School - Ella May Rappa Markey, Age 8 (pdf)

Monksmead School - Emma Lujkaj, Age 8 (pdf)

Moss Bury Primary School & Nursery - Isabelle Norman, Age 11 (pdf)

Manland Primary School - Poppy Armstrong, Age 6 (pdf)

Orchard Primary School - Reka Kannadasan, Age 8 (pdf)

Panshanger Primary School - Isabella Smith, Age 8 (pdf)

Roundwood Primary School - Charlotte Woodhead, Age 9 (pdf)

Redbourn Infant & Nursery School - Charlotte Lucking-Firth, Age 7 (pdf)

St Peter's Primary School - Amy Nuthall, Age 9 (pdf)

St Catherine's School - Evie Mordecai, Age 9 (pdf)

St Paul's School - Jude Jewell, Age 10 (pdf)

St Andrews C of E JMI School - Kaia Phillips, Y5 (pdf)

St Michael's CE VA Primary School - Mary Johnstone, Age 10 (pdf)

St Meryl School - Nancie Carpenter, Age 9 (pdf)

St Mary's Primary School - Rosie Levene, Age 9 (pdf)

Townsend Church of England School - Eryn Meyers, Age 14 (pdf)

The Lea Primary School - Nathan Madd, Age 9 (pdf)

Watton at Stone Primary & Nursery School - Hannah Wood, Y6 (pdf)

Woodside Primary School - Holly Barnham, Age 9-10 (pdf)

Welwyn St Mary's Primary School - Janata Jasmine Purves, Age 11 (pdf)

Woodhall School - Khushi Doshi, Age 9 (pdf)

Watford Field Infant & Nursery School - Shreya, Age 7 (pdf)


The Holocaust Educational Trust

The Holocaust Educational Trust have produced A Guide for Primary Teachers, a scheme of work to explore issues related to the Holocaust recommended for upper key stage two. The free resources, guidance notes, activities and supporting ppts. include the experience and impact of Nazi persecution on Jewish children and rescue through the Kinder transport refugee programme.

Teachers will need to register first to access the free teaching resources for primary.

Holocaust Educational Trust's 'Lessons from Auschwitz' Project

The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) provides a privileged opportunity for two post-16 students to participate on their Lessons from Auschwitz Project. (LFA) Since 1999, remarkably more than 31,000 students and teachers from across the country have participated in this unique experience. The four-part course aims to educate about the events of the Holocaust and consider the lessons for today.

As a result of Government support and funding, they are able to offer places at a cost of just £59 per participant. The course is designed to have a ripple-effect, two students take part in what has been described as a “life-changing experience” (please see testimonials, attached) and then pass on the lessons they have learned to their peers and their wider community. This Next Steps stage of the programme is ASDAN accredited and for many students has provided a valuable addition for UCAS application and prospective employers. The Lessons from Auschwitz programme supports the requirements of the new Hertfordshire agreed syllabus for Religious Education.

The course is open to students aged 16-18 who must be able to attend and complete all of the following four stages:

  • An Orientation seminar to learn about pre-war Jewish life, hear a Holocaust survivor’s testimony and prepare for the visit to Poland.
  • A one-day visit to Poland where local experts guide students through the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum and Educators from the Trust lead group discussions.
  • A Follow-up seminar at which participants reflect on their experiences, considering the contemporary lessons of the Holocaust and devise practical ways of passing on these lessons.
  • The Next Steps project in which students pass on to their schools and communities the lessons they have learned.

We have enclosed their brochure with further details and dates for upcoming courses in our Hertfordshire region, as well as an application form and information regarding the simple application process. The project does not require additional work for teachers other than initial communication between students and HET.

Demand for places is always high and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis with priority given to state schools which have not participated before. A very limited number of places for teachers are also available.

In addition, limited grants are available to those who wish to apply for financial support towards their participation and the enclosed Travel Subsidy Application Form provides further information.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the course, please contact a member of the HET team by phoning 020 7222 4761 or emailing

Lessons From Auschwitz Spring Term Brochure 2017
Feedback Lessons From Auschwitz

Farmington Fellowships 2017/2018

Farmington Fellowships for teachers of Religious Education and Headteachers


Religious Education Quality Mark

The Hertfordshire SACRE extend congratulations to the Hertfordshire schools who have received the Religious Education Quality Mark. we are proud of the achievements of those who have placed a high emphasis and regard on the teaching of RE, and the place that it has within the wider community. The RE Quality Mark is an accreditation system which recognises good practice in Religious Education. Supported by The St Gabriel’s Trust and the Religious Education Council (REC), the REQM is designed to be a mechanism for whole school improvement in the delivery of RE. Schools can achieve the REQM at Bronze, Silver and Gold level, awarded following the successful visit of REQM assessors to the school. We are proud of the achievements of the following schools who have placed a high emphasis and regard on the teaching of RE, and the place that it has within the wider community.

Gold Award 2016

Cunningham Hill Junior School

St Andrew's C of E (V.C.) Primary School

St Michael's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

St. Mary's Church of England Primary School

Gold Award 2015

Tring School

Gold Award 2014

Broxbourne CE Primary School

St Dominic Catholic Primary School

St Michael's Church of England VA Primary School

Watford Grammar School for Girls

Silver Award 2016

St Nicholas C of E (VA) Primary School

St. Mary’s Church of England (VA) Primary School

Holy Trinity CE (VA) Primary School

Silver Award 2015

St Andrew's Church of England Primary School and Nursery

St Nicolas C of E (VA) Primary School

St Paul's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Bronze Award 2016

Central Primary School

Bronze Award 2015

Panshanger Primary School

Assessment in RE - FAQ's - Update from Herfordshire SACRE

Living Islam Workshop Assemblies

Imran is a qualified teacher and an outstanding classroom practitioner. He is qualified to lead Muslims in prayers and has extensive experience of teaching Islam to young people of all faiths and none. Imran served as head of a very successful multi-faith chaplaincy team as well as being the Imam and Muslim chaplain in Greater Manchester. Imran worked as an additional Ofsted inspector in 2014/15

For more information take a look at the flyer below:

Living Islam Workshop Flyer

Hertfordshire Collective Worship Monitoring: Evidence of Good Practice 2014

The Hertfordshire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is responsible for the ongoing monitoring and support of RE and Collective Worship in Hertfordshire schools.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all schools who participated in our 2014 online self-evaluation. Please find responses from Hertfordshire schools regarding Collective worship below these comments may provide useful prompts to schools reviewing their practice in Collective Worship. SACRE will publish a more detailed analysis in the 2013-2014 Annual Report.


SARETT - St Albans RE Teachers Together

Founded in October 2003, SARETT is a member of NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE) and meets at least once a term to discuss, explore and develop the teaching of  Primary RE.