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EYFS Nursery: Additional Resources

(as recommended in the Scheme of Work)

These resources should be used in conjunction with the full Hertfordshire Scheme of Work for Primary Religious Education and the additional guidance to support the Foundation Stage.

EYFS Nursery


Nursery Autumn Term

Learning about and from aspects of celebration

What is a birthday celebration? (F.6)


How do we prepare for and celebrate a special occasion? (F.6)

Introducing pupil's to the Christmas story and the Christian idea that Jesus is a gift from God

What is the story behind Jesus' birthday (F1)

What presents would they give to a baby? (F4)


What did characters in the story give? (F1, F4)


Nursery Spring Term

Belonging to families and groups and the signs of belonging

How do people show they belong? (F2)


How do religious people celebrate belonging? (F.6)



Persona Dolls in RE

persona doll




Click on image to see larger version of Persona Doll




The symbols of Easter

What changes are happening in the natural world? (F7)


Which symbols are associated with Easter? (F6)


Nursery Summer Term

Relationships with the people in our lives and important people in the lives of religious people

How do people express care and concern for each other? (F2)


How do important people within religious groups show care and concern? (F3)

Nursery General Resources

Further details of Foundation Stage resources from Books at Press:

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