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Young Pride in Herts New

http://www.youngprideinherts.orgThis site provides information on a wide range of local and national organisations to support young LGB&T people in socialising and staying safe.  Signpost your LGB&T young people to the website and put a link on your own school website to demonstrate that you are LGB&T aware. 

PSHE Education and Statutory Status

Important information for Headteachers & Governors re PSHE education and statutory status

Chanel Mogo

Factsheets are available to enable you to support young people in getting the most out of this exciting resource. Includes:

Session Plan 5 - Sex & Relationships More...

Channel Mogo (ages 11-19)

Channel Mogo Hertfordshire's online information site for young people in the county which covers a range of topics related to PSHE & Citizenship.

This inter-active website also offers vidcasts, mp3 downloads, competitions and opportunities for discussion and webchats. It is free to join and provides a safe online community for young people in Hertfordshire.

Channel mogo Options Panel
Information on Channel mogo launch channel mogo access to Channel Mogo information on channel mogo access to channel mogo launch channel mogo

FPA Policy Statement
January 2006

“Sex and relationships education is learning about sex, sexuality, emotions, relationships, sexual health and ourselves. The term ‘sex and relationships education’...represents learning about sex and relationships in all settings including home, care, community, youth, secure, school and other educational settings”1. fpa believes that it is vitally important to educate people about sex and relationships, to ensure that they have all the information and advice they need to explore, develop and express their own sexuality safely.

Ofsted Report on Sex & Relationships Education in Schools

April 2002 Summary of main findings

Schools adequately cover factual aspects of human reproduction but teaching about parenthood, relationships and the prevention of infection was too often poor.  Reducing the incidence of teenage pregnancy is very important, but it is not the only purpose of SRE...

Sex Education in the National Curriculum KS 1-4

Within the National Curriculum for science, pupils should be taught.

KS3 & 14-19

HPV & Cervical Cancer
The New National HPV Vaccination Programme

The NHS Communications section holds material from the NHS Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust. Currently includes The New National HPV Vaccination Programme and Measuring Height & Weight of Children in Reception & Year 6.