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School staff who have recently attended training by the PE team have commented:

Primary NQT support

"The planning & teaching PE course for NQTs was wonderful, thank you for a great session. I have spoken to our head and he is keen to set up a TOP Gym CPD for our school as well now" Primary PE NQT

Health & Safety in PE

"I will go back to school and review all our PE policies and risk procedures with renewed confidence. I never though H&S could be so much fun" PE Subject leader

Subject Leadership in PE

"A fantastic course delivered by a really inspirational leader" Secondary PE Teacher

TOP Play

"The training was great fun and the free resources very helpful. Trying out the practical activities and learning how to differentiate them will help with pupil progression" Primary PE subject leader


Working in partnership to support all children and young people in Hertfordshire to achieve health and well being.

We can offer training, support and guidance on all aspects of physical education from PE policy and curriculum to health and safety in PE. Training can be whole school, departmental or individual and any time of day and any key stage.

Support could include:

  • Subject and curriculum advice for both primary and secondary schools.
  • Practical training courses for teachers and TAs at  KS1 & KS2 include; Gymnastics, Games, Swimming, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, Athletics, Active Play, Sportsability, Inclusion, Fit for TOPS, Learning in and through PE, High quality PE and Assessment.
  • At KS3 & 4 there is support for subject leadership, curriculum design, Vocational PE and BTEC. Advice on physical resources, equipment and PE facilities. Support for departmental reviews, writing departmental SEF’s and support for PE subject inspections.
  • Advice, guidance and support on Health & Safety in PE.
  • PE Policy writing, Safe practice in PE, writing risk assessments, Minimum qualifications for coaches and TAs. Best practice advice on swimming, trampoline, gymnastics, lifting, handling and setting out of gymnastics equipment.
  • Training and CPD for PE in Hertfordshire has been recognised nationally as best practice and delegates frequently rate their training as good or outstanding. By attending training or organising CPD in your school teachers will be able to deliver high quality PE.

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:





Physical Education School Based Support / CPD

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:


Choosing a new GCSE PE Specification

A look at the new PE specifications, their strengths and weaknesses and planning the work that will be undertaken to ensure effective implementation from September 2010.

Approx. time required:
1.5 hours

Writing a physical education SEF

A session for the PE subject leader examining how to complete a subject SEF, where to find the evidence to support judgements and how this should lead into action planning.

Approx. time required:
1.5 hours

Physical Education subject review

A detailed review of teaching and learning in PE and or dance covering, leadership and management, pupil perceptions and standards. Followed by a detailed written report with key points for action.

Approx. time required:
1 - 2 days

Developing the PE curriculum

Reviewing and developing new schemes of work to meet the needs of the school and its pupils.

Approx. time required:
Each session will require 3 hours

Writing a Physical Education action plan

An opportunity to take a fresh look at a school's PE and dance needs in the light of Ofsted, a school audit, etc and to help subject leaders develop the objectives and strategies for an action plan that will move PE forward.

Approx. time required:
Depending on requirements

Developing the role of the head of PE

A session for subject leaders to explore the role in terms of monitoring teaching and learning and leading developments.

Approx. time required:
Depending on requirements

Physical Education health & safety audit

A review of the subject leader or department’s management of health and safety and providing a report for development.

Approx. time required:
This session can be aimed at swimming provision if required.
Between 2 hours and 1 day depending on requirements


With the agreement of colleagues in the department, an opportunity for heads or aspiring heads of PE to carry out joint observations and feedback with the P.E. or Dance Adviser. This will help moderate judgements and provide support with giving effective feedback.

Approx. time required:
A minimum of 2 hours to include 1 observation, post-observation discussion and feedback

Reviewing schemes of work

A session to review schemes of work at any key stage with PE teachers.

Approx. time required:
2-3 hours

Physical Education Training/Consultancy

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:


Physical Education CPD Courses



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