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HSP Annual Report

Further to the successful Primary PE and School Sport Conference earlier this year delegates, and others, may be interested to find out more about Sthe work of the event organisers, Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership (HSP). The wide range of projects and partnership work undertaken during 2014/15 is highlighted in our Annual Report:


Outdoor and Adventurous Activity

The contributions which Outdoor Adventurous Activity, can positively contribute to the development of young peoples', confidence, self esteem and subsequent engagement are well known.  In addition we know that it is important to offer teaching through all aspects of children's learning styles.  Yet many of us feel unsure about delivering teaching and learning outside. This is sometimes due to a lack of affordable and appropriate resources and sometimes feeling that a teacher needs special qualifications and of course the later point is true with potentially risky activities such as climbing, water sports and taking children off site.

Standards of Competence to Lead Adventurous Activities

However it is possible to teach a number of curriculum aspects through being outside and using some well planned resources.  We would like to draw your attention to the extremely well presented Outdoor Learning Cards, see: 

This resource can be accessed through training available from HCC.  The Outdoor Learning Cards training can make teachers feel more confident, is practical and everyone can attend without any specialist knowledge. 

For more information please contact:

Mark Falkingham

To compliment this resource schools could purchase a privately produced, value for money resource from:
Maria Symons
OAA Resources





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AfPE and ASA Promote School Swimming

Save School Swimming, Save Lives

British Waterski & Wakeboard

Water ski and wakeboard are exciting sports where a person is towed by a boat or a cable system. This briefing paper provides some key information about Water Skiing and Wakeboarding. 

British Water Ski & Wakeboard are the national governing body of the sport and are responsible for issuing qualifications. They run a site accreditation scheme to help Local Authorities and County Sports Partnerships recognise sites that meet standards to send groups to.

County Sport Partnership Update: May 2012

Briefing Paper

Snowsport & Learning Outside the Classroom



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Snowsport & Learning Outside the Classroom

Snowsport & Learning outside the classroomThis booklet is intended to raise awareness, provide information and encourage all educationalists to consider the value of snowsports as a relevant and worthwhile activity complementary to your Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Curriculum.

Outdoor education, residential experiences and adventurous activities should all be part of a pupil’s educational experience from primary level onwards. Snowsports is an example of a pursuit that encompasses these experiences.

Activities such as skiing and snowboarding have an invaluable part to play in broadening the curriculum and helping pupils cope in a rapidly changing world.

Leaflet for those considering a school skiing trip




AFL with Assessing Pupils’ Progress in Physical EducationAFL with Assessing Pupils’ Progress in Physical Education


Creating a Physical Education Curriculum in the 21st CenturyHigh Quality Leadership in
Physical Education &
School Sport

Creating a Physical Education Curriculum in the 21st CenturyCreating a Physical Education Curriculum in the 21st Century

Developing a coherent secondary physical education curriculumDeveloping a coherent secondary physical education curriculum


The BHF Well Fit!

Campaign aims to get young people moving

"By talking directly to all Secondary school starters we hope to arm them with enough ammunition to get active and avoid slipping into the bad habits which can last a lifetime. The British Heart Foundation is working to stimulate young people's interest in heart health but we need parents' support to ensure the ticking time bomb of physical inactivity is defused before it's too late." said Nicki Cooper, Head of Education at the British Heart Foundation.

The BHF is lending a helping hand with the launch of a free parental advice booklet called 'Get Kids on the Go'. The leaflet offers straight talking advice on simple ways for parents to get their kids active.

Walking/Cycling to School

Includes Safety when travelling to school, School Travel Plans and Bike safety. More...


Use of Volunteers and Paid Coaches

Policy Guidance on the use of Volunteers and Paid Coaches in Physical Education and School Sport

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide advice and assistance to Hertfordshire schools on the use of volunteers and paid coaches in physical education, school sport and out of school hours sports provision.  Specifically the guidelines:

Health & Safety



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Safe Practice In Physical Education and Sport

The new "AfPE Safe Practice In Physical Education and Sport" guidance manual is now available.  This is essential reading for all delivering PE and school sport, please check that you school or department has a copy. 

Please note this latest edition, 2012 replaces the previous edition, 2008.  This guidance informs both county and national good practice and as such will be referred to in the event of accidents.

AfPE Safeguarding Updates
January 2013
  • Department for Education removes Quality Mark scheme
  • Weather conditions
  • Safeguarding Conferences
December 2012
  • Changing Room Supervision
  • The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Safeguarding children in Wales conference
  • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 – Update
  • Support for primary schools
October 2012

This update features the following items: Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, Support for primary schools & the Safeguarding children in Wales conference.

September 2012
  • Department for Education information: Outcomes for young people
  • Protection of Freedoms Act – new developments
  • International standards for safeguarding in sport
  • Safeguarding support for Elite Sport
  • Should obesity be a child protection issue?
  • Cases of sexual abuse in sport

afPE Health & Safety Updates

January 2013
  • Teaching Ratios
  • Recent case law in the Safe Practice of Physical Education 
  • Information relating to the ROSPA Youth Network
December 2012
  • All I want for Christmas…… Is a set of end decks!
  • Lacrosse
  • Planning and Leading Visits and Adventurous Activities
  • National Guidance: Outdoor Education Advisor’s Panel (OEAP)
November 2012
  • ASA School Swimming Manifesto
  • Swimming funding available
  • Register of aquatic professionals (RAPs)
  • Health & Safety on the afPE website
October 2012
  • Wet weather play advice
September 2012
July 2012
  • Outdoor and Adventurous activities
  • The new earring!
June 2012
  •  Safeguarding
May 2012
  • Reciprocal arrangements

April 2012

  • Qualifications to teach and referee rugby in school
  • Skiing – how well did your school perform?
  • Water Safety Awareness Week
  • RLSS UK – National Pool Lifeguard Qualification – Updated:
  • new 2012 edition of Safe Practice in PE and School Sport

March 2012

  • New BSI Standards for First Aid Kit contents
  • Insurance cover for Supply staff in schools
  • Javelin
  • The Laser Alliance

February 2012

  • Competency for Supervising School Swimming Sessions
January 2012
  • Electronic signatures as consent
  • Safe Practice in Physical Education & School Sport 2012
December 2011
  • UK Athletics Coach Pathway
  • Cover Supervisors and Practical PE lessons
  • Post Christmas H & S checks
November 2011
  • New Case Law on Duty of Care
  • Driving the Minibus
  • The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Safe Supervision for Teaching and Coaching Swimming document
  • The British Red Cross Resources
October 2011

The October 2011 afPE Health & Safety Update includes Case Studies of real incidents that have occurred, or are ongoing cases involving PE and School Sport (PESS).

The Case Studies include:

  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Athletics
  • Spectating Sports
Accidents Arising from PE Lessons

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have clarified that accidents arising from PE lessons are only reportable to them if, the pupil is taken to hospital for treatment and the accident arose due to poor organisation or supervision arrangements, the equipment or the condition of the premises.

All significant accidents ( whether reportable to the HSE or not) should still be reported to the Local Authority's Health and Safety Team.

If you have any queries contact the Health and Safety team
Tel: 01992 556478
November 2011

New frequently asked questions relating to the reporting of pupil accidents to the Health and Safety Executive are now available here:

Reporting of injuries to the HSE is now via online reporting form


Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions, includes Swimming and Gymnastics.

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