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Useful Weblinks for Primary Languages

The Ultimate Site
Christmas Resources
Easter Resources
Web sites - some with downloadable materials
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Resource Catalogues
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Secondary Schools
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The Ultimate Site

The Primary Languages website brings together two CILT websites - NACELL (formerly at and the Primary Languages Training Zone, to form one national gateway to advice, information and support for everyone interested in primary languages.

NACELL, the ‘National Advisory Centre for Early Language Learning’, was set up in 1999 to promote and develop the provision of languages in primary education. The project was funded by the DCSF and coordinated by CILT. Work to support primary languages is now part of CILT’s ongoing primary programme. ‘NACELL’ is still used to refer to the CILT Library’s collection of primary languages teaching materials.

The Primary Languages Training Zone is CILT’s online toolkit for professional development. With over 200 video clips of language teaching in the primary school, audio files and transcripts in six languages, all the features of Training Zone are fully integrated into the Primary Languages website – Visit the Training Zone.




Christmas Resources

For more Christmas resources for KS1 and KS2 including 'The Snowman' adapations in French, German and Spanish:

Advent Calendars
Christmas around the World -



Easter Resources

List of Easter resources for primary languages
  • Word 2003, 165kb/3 pages, 20/03/2009, easter.doc


Web sites - Some with Downloadable Materials


Teachers only


Resource Catalogues/Resources


Primary schools


Map – shows France and gives facts about the country in English  - very good for topic work.
Colours – click on pallet to hear colours
Numbers – numerals and words (written phonetically in brackets)       
Animals – click on animals to hear them.
Weather – click on pictures to hear the phrase il fait
Clothes – click on clothes to hear the phrase Je porte ….. (with colours)        
Food and Drink – Pictures and words (written phonetically in brackets)

The Quiz section can be used to test learning, but it is not interactive so it needs teacher feedback.  The free resources section contains downloadable flashcards and worksheets in word format.          

Secondary Schools


LA Sites

Sunderland -
Buckinghamshire –

Kent –

Northumberland –

Warrington –

West Sussex –




Animated Clipart




For Researching



CILT courses

Junior Languages Portfolio

Primary Languages training zone

Teacher phrases with sound files

Teachers TV programmes on Primary Languages

Link to the KS2 Framework for Languages

Join a forum!
The ELL forum is for anybody with an interest in Primary Languages. For further information, go to: