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School staff who have recently attended training by the Maths team have commented:

5 Day Subject Knowledge

"Have thoroughly enjoyed the course and would love to do something like this again. It has really helped my confidence."

"The trainer was very engaging and gave a very useful way to address problem solving. The activities, ideas and resources were of a very high standard. Very inspirational."

10 Day Subject Leadership

"Nothing could be improved as needs evaluated throughout the course and subsequently met"

"Has completely changed the way maths is lead and taught at our school. A great course well done and thank you"

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Enthusing pupils to enjoy and engage in mathematical thinking...

The Mathematics team are highly skilled, flexible, creative and innovative in responding to the priorities and needs of schools.  The team work with all members of the school community including governing bodies, support staff, pupils and parents. Development of bespoke training and workshops is a key strength of the team as they use their expert knowledge to always be at the leading edge of mathematical curriculum development.

The aim of the team is to build enthusiasm, confidence and capacity through consultancy, courses, conferences and bespoke training. 

Direct work with pupils including workshops and group sessions are also provided by the team.  These can be targeted at specific pupil groups for example, examination grades, gifted and talented pupils. The team also offer workshops for parents alone or parents and pupils working together.

The Mathematics team has an extensive experience of working with all phase schools, a proven track record and well established relationships with schools.  The team provide an expert service able to meet all your development and support needs in all areas of Mathematics.

In summary, the Mathematics team is available to provide the following:

  • Consultancy visits
  • Courses
  • Training (whole day, half day and staff meetings)
  • Pre and post Ofsted support
  • Writing and evaluating the Subject SEF  
  • Department reviews
  • Pupil and parent revision workshops
  • Department data analysis


To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:


Primary Support & Training

This menu is not intended to be an exhaustive list and if you would like something not mentioned, then please contact: Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:





Raising standards in the teaching and learning of mathematics in primary schools.

By providing bespoke Inset, staff meeting, one to one coaching and demonstration lessons.

Minimum 2 hrs
Maximum 1 day

Using assessment to ensure progression and appropriate pitch.

By providing: Inset, staff meeting, one to one coaching and demonstration lessons.

2 hrs

Analysis of data to identify areas of concern in the teaching of mathematics.

Working with subject leader to analyse and determine an action plan to address issues and improve standards.

½ day

Developing cross curricular approaches with a focus on mathematics.

By providing: Inset, staff meeting and subject leader support.


Developing the role of the mathematics subject leader.

A session with mathematics subject leader, examining their role in monitoring making judgements and action planning.

min ½ day

Problem solving activity days.

Organising and delivering themed problem solving days for whole school or specific year groups with a focus on problem solving and challenge.  In a variety of contexts e.g. Smarties days, Football theme, Murder Mystery, Harry Potter, George’s Marvellous Medicine, all the fun of the fair

1 day

Gifted and Talented workshops

Networks of schools benefit from sending their brightest children to these termly workshops which are available for KS1, yrs 3&4 or years 5&6. 

min ½ day

Supremely Gifted workshop

Those children in years 4.5 &6 who are already at L6 in conjunction with Setpoint.

1 day

TA training

Up-skill Teaching Assistants in subject knowledge, pedagogy and confidence.

min 2hrs

Parents workshops

Helping parents to support their children in mathematics, highlighting strategies currently used in the classroom.

min 2hrs

Pre Ofsted confidence boost

Lesson observations, planning guidance, creative ways of teaching, providing challenge, developing questioning skills

min  ½ day

Additional topics include:

• Understanding progression in mathematics including appropriate pitch and expectations
• Developing guided teaching within the mathematics lesson
• Enriching the curriculum through talk and reasoning using mathematical vocabulary
• Creative, practical and contextual problem solving opportunities
• Using resources effectively to support teaching and learning
• Developing success criteria and pupil peer- and self-assessment.
• Increasing confidence with subject knowledge
• Using the environment and working walls to support teaching and learning
• Enhancing teacher assessment to impact upon learning
• Strengthening quality first teaching and subject knowledge
• Promoting high quality talk within mathematics, including problem solving and reasoning skills
• Developing effective modelling and questioning
• Improving progression in calculation
• Creative approaches to mathematics teaching
• Planning for engagement and progression
• Assessment of- and for-learning in mathematics
• Effective ways of moving pupils on, particularly those ‘hard to shift’ pupils
• Appropriate provision for all pupils through strategic planning and effective wave 2 and 3 support


Secondary Support & Training

This menu is not intended to be an exhaustive list and if you would like something not mentioned, then please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:





Creative teaching of ‘A’ Level mathematics

Developing the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics at KS5. Including challenge and engaging activities to extend pupils learning.

Approx. time required: 3 hours

Raising standards in teaching and learning of mathematics at KS3

Developing the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics at KS3. Looking at tracking and ensuring that pupils are being set challenging targets.

Approx. time required: 3 hours

Raising standards in teaching and learning of mathematics at KS4

Developing the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics at KS4. Looking at courses and activities to ensure that they are challenging, relevant and motivating pupils.

Approx. time required: 3 hours

Preparing for inspection

A session for the whole department outlining what happens during a subject inspection, how to manage the process and ensure that you are as well-prepared as possible.

Approx. time required: 1.5 hours

Choosing the correct KS4 pathway for your pupils

Presenting a summary of the new specifications and their strengths and weaknesses and planning the work that will be undertaken to ensure effective implementation.

Approx. time required: 2 hours

Leading a pupil revision session for KS3 or KS4 at different tiers

A session for targeted pupils. Delivery of key topics and exam techniques to pupils in an interactive style.

Approx. time required: Minimum 2 hours

How to assess pupils after SATs

Department INSET to discuss how pupils work can be assessed and the strategies the department can employ to ensure consistency.

Approx. time required: Minimum 2 hours

Writing a department SEF

A session for the maths subject leader, examining how to complete a subject SEF, where to find the evidence to support judgements and how this should lead into action planning.

Approx. time required: 1.5 hours

Review of schemes of work

A department meeting to review schemes of work and action plan priorities for amendments.

Approx. time required: 3 hours

Maths department review

A detailed review of teaching and learning in mathematics, leadership and management and standards. Followed by a detailed written report with key points for action.

Approx. time required: 1 - 2 days


With the agreement of colleagues in the department, an opportunity for heads or aspiring heads of mathematics to carry out joint observations and feedback with the Mathematics Adviser. This will help moderate judgements and provide support with giving effective feedback.

Approx. time required: A minimum of 2 hours to include 1 observation, post-observation
discussion and feedback

How to develop AO2 and AO3 through interactive teaching

A session for the whole department which focuses upon selecting mathematical techniques to problem solve. The session will then look at how teachers can support pupils in gaining and developing these skills.

Approx. time required: 1.5 hours

Planning numeracy across the curriculum

Planning numeracy across the curriculum Looking at how numeracy relates to all subjects. A selection of resources will be used to lead teacher discussions.

Approx. time required: from 2 hours

Developing the leadership role of the head of Mathematics

A session for one or more heads of mathematics to establish a monitoring framework for mathematics that fits within whole school expectation and to examine how to use the results of monitoring to bring about genuine and sustained improvements in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Approx. time required: Depending on requirements

Pupil workshops

We can offer part or full day workshops for pupils and teachers on the following themes:-
• Problem solving
• Group work
• Revision
• Fun maths
• Using ICT in mathematics
• Gifted and talented
• Any other individual requests

Approx. time : Depending on requirements

Parent/pupil workshops

Research shows that parent/pupil workshops improve the long term motivation of pupils in mathematics. We can support with organisation, planning and delivery of workshops.

Approx. time required: 2 hours

Plan, teach, review cycle

A series of meetings to plan, deliver and evaluate a bespoke lesson.

Approx. time required: 1-2 hours repeated

Problem solving sessions

A session for targeted pupils to develop strategies for them to become problem solvers and independent learners.

Approx. time required: 2hours

Developing an intervention plan

Looking at strategic ways to personalise and develop intervention - who, when and how.
Analysing how intervention has had an impact.

Approx. time required: from 2 hours

Parent/carers session

A session targeted at pupils and carers to look at current classroom approaches to mathematics. To help gain the confidence to support their children with mathematics.

Approx. time required: 1 hour

Maths Consultancy

Below are some examples of how the Mathematics team can help you. We will be happy to put together a bespoke package for you around any of the themes below.

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:

Pupils studying at a deskRaising Standards

The Mathematics team offer support for teachers and middle leaders to analyse both attainment and progression data. The use of this data helps to ensure good outcomes for all groups of pupils.  Where necessary the team can develop appropriate intervention strategies to support pupils who are at risk of underachieving. The intervention support programmes include wave I, wave II and wave III resources and strategies.


The Mathematics team support the development of assessment for learning techniques which help teachers and pupils to assess progress and identify next steps for learning through the use of questioning, success criteria and peer and self assessment. We regularly provide central and bespoke training in assessment for learning and in assessing pupils’ progress.

We can offer bespoke training on examination analysis and revision techniques. We regularly help schools to develop assessment schedules for all key stages.

The team supports teachers to cope with changes to curricula, exam specifications and assessments so that potential issues are identified and solutions are presented. We have expert knowledge which allows all of our teachers to remain at the forefront of all national developments and prevent changes from hindering the progress of their pupils.

Behaviour for Learning

The Mathematics Team promote the use of interactive teaching and independent learning strategies which engage and motivate pupils leading to a positive behaviour environment for learning. We help teachers to build positive relationships with other staff and students through the development of stimulating activities.

Using a variety of pedagogical approaches such as group work, guided work and class discussions pupils learn to take responsibility for their own learning and the learning of others. The team can help teachers develop the skills necessary for this to happen regularly in their classrooms.

Over recent years, with the increase in numbers of LSAs/TAs and HTLAs in our classrooms, the maths team have developed training and bespoke inset to ensure that our support staff have the skills and knowledge to guide their pupils to work appropriately and make good progress.

Effective Learning and Progress in Mathematics

The Mathematics team provides in class support to teachers to enable them to motivate pupils to engage with their own learning and achieve their full potential. We help teachers through plan, teach and review cycles to develop interactive teaching and learning approaches. We also work with middle leaders, to help them develop strategies and systems to enable close monitoring of pupil progress and the evaluation of teaching and learning. Schemes of work can be provided or developed to ensure appropriate pitch and progression.

Intervention packages are available to ensure no pupil falls behind their expected levels of progress. These packages can be personalised and delivered for any situation. These could also include parent workshops giving them greater information about what is expected of their own child.

Subject Leadership

The Mathematics team deliver centrally run courses at both primary and secondary level for new and aspiring subject leaders to explore the elements and skills of leadership and management.

These courses are modules which are recognised and accredited by the University of Hertfordshire Masters degree.

The courses are tailored each year to the latest national developments and requirements for leadership and will be adapted to delegate requests.

Search for subject leadership courses: Primary and Secondary.


Maths CPD Courses


Whats New

The New National Curriculum for Maths: Making it work in the classroom

The new curriculum will become statutory from September 2014 and in all year groups there are new demands. These one day courses will provide teachers with all the information needed to ensure they are able to plan and teach effectively

For more information please contact:
Sandra Penstone-Smith, Support Officer
Tel: 01438 844857