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ICT in Mathematics

The Hertfordshire Mathematics Team advocates the use of ICT as a resource available to support the teaching of mathematics. It should only be used if it satisfies the following principles:

  • ICT should enhance good mathematics teaching and should be used only if it supports good practice in mathematics teaching.
  • The use of ICT in the daily maths lesson should be directly related to the teaching and learning objectives of the lesson.
  • ICT should be used only if the teacher and the pupils can achieve something more effectively with it than without it.

Further guidance and support can be found on the ‘ICT and Numeracy Working Party’ pages:

A website containing materials and guidance from group of consultants and teachers working in Hertfordshire to share and disseminate good practice in using ICT to support the teaching of mathematics.

DfES Resources

Using ICT to support mathematics in the primary school

Free software and training materials to support the teaching of numeracy in primary schools, plus links to software publishers.

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