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Wellbeing for Education

Wellbeing for Education Return – Covid-19 DfE Funded Support for Schools

This national project provides funding and resources requiring local authorities to train and support schools and colleges on responding to the wellbeing and mental health needs of children and young people, staff and parents as a result of coronavirus.

There are two elements to this vital project:

A new national training package, developed by MindEd and Anna Freud Centre, will be delivered in Hertfordshire by Herts for Learning’s Wellbeing Advisers during Autumn term 2020. The course is designed to enable participants to cascade training and to provide guidance and resources for staff on responding to the impact of coronavirus on the wellbeing of their students and staff. This training will be tailored for Hertfordshire’s local context and signpost to local data and services.

Follow up consultancy, advice and support will be available to schools, until March 2021. This may be provided by a range of services, including:

  • HCC’s Integrated Services for Learning (ISL), including the Educational Psychologists Service
  • Safe Space
  • Herts for Learning
  • CCG NHS Strategic lead for mental health in schools

This follow up support, to be detailed shortly, will focus on maximising the impact of the training in school and ensuring schools are well placed to address concerns around mental health and to support those who have pre-existing support needs that have been exacerbated by coronavirus.
This training and support package is being made available to every school and college in England to help support pupil/ student, staff and parent/carer wellbeing, resilience and recovery in the context of coronavirus. There is no charge to schools/colleges to attend the online training or to access the funded follow up support.

HCC expects that all Hertfordshire state schools will prioritise accessing the training. Maintained schools in Hertfordshire should attend.

The choice of staff member/s to attend training will be important. (It may be possible for two people to attend, subject to availability of places, but the same member of staff should attend both webinars.)

The nominated school/college staff, will be required to cascade the training and resources to facilitate a whole organisation response to the impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing. It is recommended that this should be an experienced teacher who holds pastoral responsibilities and has knowledge of the whole school approach to mental health being used across the school/college for individual and group support and the mental health content being taught in the curriculum.

We know that Hertfordshire schools have been well-focused on supporting mental health. We invest in high quality support services and make them as accessible as possible to our schools. So we are convinced that in Hertfordshire we will want to make the most of this opportunity. Covid19 will continue to demand a strong preventative approach to support all pupils, including those at risk ofmental ill-health and those with existing challenges. This is an important part of our collective route to recovery.”

Jenny Coles. Director of Children’s Services

This programme of training and support is about ensuring all our schools are continuing to be at the forefront of knowledge and skills to support positive mental health for the whole school community. It will dovetail well with what schools have already been working on. We hope it will give a common understanding that all schools will share and will enhance and embed our provision in these uncertain times.”

Teresa Heritage, Lead Member, Children’s Service

Wellbeing for Education Return - course descriptions

The Wellbeing for Education Return training is delivered through two webinars. They should be attended in order.

The learning outcomes, key themes and dates for each webinar are highlighted below:

Webinar 1


2.5 hours

Learning outcomes
  • To introduce psychological education approaches to support wellbeing and resilience. These can be used with children, young people, parents and carers
  • To help prepare participants to use these psychological approaches to manage the impacts of coronavirus and to cascade this learning back in school/college
  • To prioritise supportive robust and resilient relationships across the whole school/college community, thereby enhancing wellbeing for all
  • To focus attention on how these approaches will help children and young people’s minds stay open for learning and growth and to also support staff and families
Key themes
  • Understanding learning and growth, wellbeing and resilience (neuroscience)
  • Implementation across the whole school/college
  • Actions to build resilience and wellbeing
  • Scenarios to explore the approaches
  • Curriculum implications

Following the Wellbeing For Education Webinar 1 training , the attached document lists the resources that were referenced in the presentation.

Wellbeing for Education Return - Webinar 1 booking details

Monday 11th January 1:00pm – 3.30pm Course code: WEL/21/52/A

Monday 18th January 10:00am – 12.30pm Course code: WEL/21/53/A

Please contact the Herts for Learning Events team if you have any queries, at

Webinar 2


2 hours

Learning outcomes

Focused on bereavement, other loss, anxieties, low mood, stress-trauma:

  • To help staff to support children and young people who have experienced stressful events
  • To do so through easily understood psychological education
  • To use this psychological education to support the whole school/college community, highlighting the central role of ‘social scaffolding’
  • To know when to escalate for the minority who need more specialised support
Key themes
  • Whole school/college social scaffolding
  • Understanding and responding to bereavement and other loss
  • Understanding anxiety and low mood
  • Supporting recovery from anxiety and low mood
  • Stress and trauma: supporting recovery
  • Signposting and support (national and local)

Following the Wellbeing For Education Webinar 2 training , the attached document lists the resources that were referenced in the presentation.

Wellbeing for Education Return - Webinar 2 booking details

Wednesday 20th January 2:00pm – 4:00pm Course code: WEL/21/54/A

Friday 22nd January 10:00am – 12:00pm Course code: WEL/21/55/A

Please contact the Herts for Learning Events team if you have any queries, at