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PSHE Association Guidance

Following the tragic events yesterday in Manchester, the PSHE Association have published guidance for schools to help respond to children’s questions and worries.

This guidance is not intended as a script or lesson plan, but to help teachers answer questions, structure discussion and, if appropriate, extend children’s learning and understanding. Teachers should pick out what they feel is relevant for the nature and circumstances of an event, the age and readiness of the children, and their whole-school ethos and values.

Schools Students Health Education Unit Resources

Follow the link below to explore data on health and wellbeing research related to children and young people’s lifestyle choices. This provides data that you can share directly with your pupils or help to influence your priorities on the Healthy Schools Programme particularly in relation to choosing your priorities for HS Enhanced Status.

Topics include Food, Drugs, RSE, Exercise, Health, Education across the age groups : 5-11 : 11-16 : 16+

Supporting Children and Young People with Diabetes in Hertfordshire Schools

This document provides guidance for schools in supporting children and young people with diabetes in schools. It provides information on both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as well as key issues that schools need to consider. Two young people have also provided an insight in the form of cases studies about some of the issues they face managing diabetes on a day to day basis within school.