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About the Centre

Cuffley Outdoor Centre is set in 90 acres of outstanding natural beauty in south-east Hertfordshire, just 15 minutes from the M25. The site, which is designated as a site of Special Scientific Interest, dates back to the 13th Century and its characteristic Hornbeam trees form part of an extensive managed woodland.

Cuffley CampThe Centre has twelve individual camping areas, known as villages, scattered throughout the spacious woodland and a village can accommodate between 20 and 50 people in either tents or woodland cabins. Each village also contains a covered cooking fireplace, campfire area, group shelter and night toilet. Residential bookings are available between April and October each year.

Children at Cuffley CampThroughout the year day visitors are also welcomed to take part in a wide range of indoor and outdoor learning and development activities in a safe and secure environment.

Cuffley Outdoor Centre offers a range of indoor facilities including four fully equipped classrooms, separate toilet and shower blocks for both staff and students, a large dining room able to comfortably accommodate up to 250 people, washing and drying facilities, and a souvenir shop.

Outside caterers ensure groups that require catering are provided with a high standard and varied selection of food, including vegetarian options, and they are pleased to meet any special dietary requirements that visitors may have.



Day visits

Residential Courses


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