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School staff who have recently attended training by the Early Years team have commented:

This is the second early years course I have been on in the last 2 weeks, both excellent, wonderful tutors, could listen to them all day, makes me sure I am doing a worthwhile job.”

“You prompted me to think more about different ways to intervene and extend play.”

“So much knowledge given in quick bite sized chunks – want to do it all again!”

“I feel confident to go back and put ideas into practice.”

“This afternoon has given me the confidence to go back to my school, try new songs and games and bring fun into my classroom.”

“Excellent course, I have travelled from Essex as the trainers and Herts courses are generally very good. I was not disappointed.”


children washing up“High-quality early education is crucial to making a difference to children’s achievement, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, since the overwhelming majority of children who achieve a good level of development in the foundation years go on to achieve well in later stages of learning.” DfE 2011 Supporting Families in the Foundation Years.

Ensure your provision is high quality and continually developing by securing consultancy, training and bespoke support for all your CPD needs.

The Early Years Team supports schools, children’s centres and early years settings, in the local authority, voluntary and private sectors, to develop high quality provision and to improve outcomes for young children and their families.

Our early years advisers and consultants can help you to:

  • plan strategically for implementation of revised EYFS
  • build reflective high quality teams and a sustainable workforce
  • safeguard children’s well-being and foster positive relationships
  • support the development and progress of all children especially the most vulnerable
  • develop high quality provision to be recognised by Ofsted inspection
  • offer children exciting and enabling learning environments
  • demonstrate the impact of your work with families
  • enhance the impact of partnership working with other organisations

The team offers flexibility, creativity and an innovative approach to your continuous professional development needs, working with:

  • Schools (leaders, teachers and all early years staff)
  • Children’s Centres
  • Preschools and day nurseries
  • Childminders
  • Out of school clubs
  • Local professional networks and conferences

Bespoke training is a key strength of this dynamic team which is responsive to current national priorities and to the locally identified needs of early years’ practitioners.

Support can be arranged through:

  • Consultancy visits
  • Audits of practice and provision including environment audits (ECERS)
  • Training (whole day, half day and staff meetings)
  • Early Years Quality Standard (EYQS) – Hertfordshire’s early years quality improvement programme
  • One to one surgeries and coaching sessions
  • Network meetings and INSET days


To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact:

Herts for Learning
Tel: 01438 845111


School Based Support

In-School Programme for Developing Classroom Practice

The Early Years Team has a tried and tested in-school programme for developing classroom practice in nursery and reception classes. To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact:

Herts for Learning
Tel: 01438 845111


Setting up an enabling environment

  • Environmental audits
  • Planning for learning indoors and out
  • Zoning for areas of learning
  • Continuous and enhanced provision
  • Resourcing a play based curriculum
  • Classroom makeovers

Meeting every child’s unique needs

  • Assessment for learning
  • Observation and planning
  • Celebrating achievement
  • Identifying needs and early intervention
  • Feeling safe and being safe 
  • Boys and girls come out to play

Positive relationships, roles and responsibilities

  • Working with parents
  • Listening to “Children’s voice”
  • Learning, playing and interacting
  • Early talk and thinking skills 

High quality learning and development

  • Understanding child development
  • Routines to promote active learning
  • Playing with children – enhancing thinking
  • Planning a holistic curriculum
  • Creating independent learners
  • Loving books – reality and imagination


  • Analyzing your data – planning for progress
  • Pre Ofsted health check
  • Self-evaluation and action planning
  • Managing seamless transitions

Early Years CPD Courses