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Virtual English Office 2016-17

The schemes to be made available during 2016-17 will be:

  • GCSE Creative Writing Using Image (available now)
  • An Inspector Calls (available now)
  • Unseen Poetry (Autumn term)
  • Pre-19th Century Prose – Paper 1 Style Practice (Autumn term)
  • Paper 2 Reading and Writing Practice Resources (Spring term)
  • Animal Farm (Spring term)
  • Revision Guides/Resources (Spring term)
  • The Sign of Four (Summer term)
  • Blood Brothers (Summer term)
  • Lord of the Flies (Summer term)

To subscribe or for further information email:

Schemes of work from the 2016-17 Virtual English Office will also be available to purchase individually at the cost of £25.00 (ex VAT) per scheme from the HfL online shop as they are published. Some schemes of work from the 2015-16 Virtual English Office are also available to purchase individually.

HfL Online ShopTo buy the individual schemes of work please visit the Herts for Learning online shop