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KS1-KS2 National Curriculum

Suggested Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning

English Primary Suggested Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning

The Long Term Plans allow for two planning approaches:

  • Planning which follows the teaching sequence for writing
  • Topic based planning using a text as a stimulus (‘Take One Book’)

Both approaches are designed to be tailored to the needs of the children through ongoing assessment/national expectations.

We are in the process of writing further details for each module, in order to assist you with your medium term planning. A variety of additional resources will also be available in the summer term.

The scheme is divided into modules which encompass narrative, poetry and non-fiction.

Suggested Long Term Planning
Non Fiction Text Type Coverage Across Year Groups

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A guide for primary English teachers’ long-term planning is available.

Members of the English advisory team at Herts for Learning have put together a rigorous infrastructure to support teachers in the planning for the National Curriculum .

The new curriculum demands that schools create their own programmes from the government guidelines, and must make these available online. Our advisers have proposed termly plans, taking into consideration suggested texts from the English programmes of study and weaving in other text types and genres from across the curriculum.

Our advisers have designed the program with particular attention to ensuring pupil progress across the school years. The suggested outcomes focus on progression within text type and genre as well as providing relevant contexts for the required grammar teaching. This will help pupils gain an understanding of the multiplicity of genre and texts, alongside their growing grammar skills. Most importantly, they will then be able to use their writing and grammatical skills within varying contexts.

For more information or if you need help to develop this planning in your school please contact:





PA Plus Web Subscription Package

The Herts for Learning English team have created a suite of materials to support schools in implementing the national curriculum which are available by subscription.

Pa Plus

These primary English resources comprise a range of materials to support planning for each year group. These include menus of learning objectives/focuses pitched at the appropriate levels for each year. The medium-term English planning resources also include general progression papers, which map progression from foundation level through to beyond year 6. This will enable teachers to track back and look forward to identify expected outcomes to support differentiation. Progression is tracked within text types: six non-fiction, one narrative and one poetry.

Booklists are included as part of the package. These support whole class texts and teachers’ coverage of genres. There will also be documents specific to the teaching of grammar, spelling and phonics.

More information on on the PA Plus Web Subscription Package can be found on the Herts for Learning website at:

If you already subscribe to PA Plus you can access the resources by visiting the Herts for Learning website to login with your username and password.