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Testbase screenshotTestbase is a resource for schools to support teaching, learning and assessment.  It is a database of every question from past QCA test papers - KS1, KS2 and KS3 papers, both statutory and optional tests. Testbase also contains the mark schemes for each test and examples of pupils work at different levels, including commentary.

If you are interested in subscribing to Testbase this year, Testbase has arranged for schools in Hertfordshire to receive a discount (50 off Testbase complete package). You simply need to visit their order page:

Alternatively details of how to subscribe and subscription packages available can be found on the Testbase website:


What does Testbase do?

It allows teachers to search for test questions by various criteria:

  • for all subjects, search by curriculum topic, level, type of question, year group etc
  • maths can be filtered by key objectives
  • Literacy can be filtered by the assessment focuses
  • Science can be filtered by QCA scheme of work.

The Assessment Team recommends that the questions contained within Testbase be used flexibly as resources for learning, not just for testing.

As it is possible to choose questions from any year, paper or topic they can easily be used during a lesson, for example, within a plenary.

Lessons can be built around particular types of questions and pupils can become familiar with the mark schemes.

The writing examples also provide extra literacy resources for pupils to analyse and annotate.
It is also possible to create and save your own files of questions.

Another possibility is to export questions into a word document in order to make alterations necessary for teaching and learning, so the same type of question can be used but the context and units of measurement can be changed.

If you require training on the use of Testbase, please contact the Assessment Team.


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