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ChannelMOGO is a web portal for young people, aged 11-19 (up to 25 with a learning difficulty and/or disability) who live or go to school in Hertfordshire. When the site was set up, a group of teenagers decided on the name ChannelMOGO with the MOGO part meaning: Moving On, Greater Opportunities - in Hertfordshire.

The portal is powered by YC Hertfordshire (part of Hertfordshire County Council's Services for Young People) and is one of the ways young people can access a wide variety of information in Hertfordshire where it is all held together in one hub, online. The portal brings together lots of services and useful websites for young people in Hertfordshire and YC Hertfordshire is just one of those services.

The aim of ChannelMOGO is to provide young people with quick access to all local services all in one place, online whilst also being interactive and attractive to young people via its music, video and social media channels.

Students can find everything from latest job vacancies to advice drop in centres, travel services, youth projects, events and opportunities, music, media, games, performing arts and much more. See the main categories below:


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