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Jazz Swing Residency 2007 Teaching Resource for KS1 & 2

n.b. These resources have been checked and are still valid (Nov 2011).



Teaching Resources


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Resources & NC Guidance

Year 1

Dance activities

QCA Unit 1

Explore basic body actions eg jumping and turning. Make short dances based on themes. Eg clowns or animals.


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"Snowmen and Penguins" Unit of Work (C.S. Mellish)

Year 2

Dance activities

QCA Unit 2

Create and perform short performances that communicate different moods and feelings.

Ideas based on different times and cultures.


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"Storytelling through Indian Dance" Unit of Work (C.S.Mellish)

A Selection of different dance ideas and activities


Year 3

Dance activities

QCA Unit 3

Children perform dances; focus on creating, adapting and linking a range of dance actions. Work with a partner or small groups.


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"Numeracy and Dance" Dance idea (C.S.Mellish)

A selection of dance activities that could be used progressively over a series of weeks.


Year 4

Dance activities

QCA Unit 4

Children create characters and narrative through movement and gesture. Work in pairs or small groups.


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"Silent Movies" Unit of Work (C.S.Mellish)


A selection of dance activities that could be used progressively over a series of weeks

Year 5

Dance activities

QCA Unit 5

Create, watch, learn and perform dance in a range of styles in pairs or small groups


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"African Dance Drama" Unit of Work (C.S.Mellish)

Year 6

Dance activities

QCA Unit 6

Focus on using visual images as a starting point for composing, performing and watching dance.


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"Visual images: professional dance stimulus'" dance idea (C.S.Mellish)

Year 6/7

Dance activities

QCA Link Unit

Children focus on popular dance from different eras. Use step and gesture patterns, body shape, contact work and contrasts in dynamic and rhythmic patterning.


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"Rock'n'Roll" Unit of Work (C.S.Mellish)