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Introduction to the CDTA

The CDTA is a voluntary organisation run by teachers and dance professionals to promote high quality dance in Hertfordshire.

We support teachers delivering dance at all key stages.

We aim to help members by:

  • Providing advice, guidance and support for teachers of dance in all settings
  • Providing a termly magazine which includes useful teaching, ideas , resource, contacts and general information to keep you up to date with current dance developments
  • Organising a fantastic biennial Hertfordshire Schools’ County Dance Festival

The CDTA worked in collaboration with the Dance Adviser to prepare Visual Dance Resource cards. The cards capture dances presented at our Hertfordshire Schools’ County Dance Festival and are a useful stimulus for:

  • creating
  • performing
  • discussing and writing about high quality dance

Prior to this the CDTA funded the preparation of dance assessment certificates for key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are available to download:




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CDTA Grants for Dance

Details of grants for schools from CDTA:

CDTA Grants for Dance