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Assessment Publications

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Spotlight level 1

Spotlight Level 1

Talk, reading and maths   

This book includes the principles of assessing children working within level 1 and provides guidance on assessing talking, reading and mathematics. All the materials have been trialled and developed by teachers. £25.00 (£30.00 Non HCC)

(£30.00 Non HCC)

Spotlight level 2

Spotlight Level 1


This book includes the principles of assessing children working within level 1 and provides guidance on writing (portfolios and exemplification of ways to present writing tasks). All the materials have been trialled and developed by teachers.

(£30.00 Non HCC)

Spotlight on levels 2 and 3 cover

Spotlight on Levels 2 and 3


This publication was produced as the result of a cross phase project in Berkhamtsed. Following joint planning, the teachers in years 2 and 3 took the same book as a starting point and undertook three writing tasks with their children.


The publication includes: six portfolios all containing the same tasks at different levels, handwritten scripts, process success criteria for each task and teaching ideas to address next steps.  There are also three resources that can be downloaded from the Assessment Site.


(£30.00 Non HCC)

Spotlight on levels 5 and 6 cover

Spotlight on Levels 5 and 6

Writing - Exemplification from Hertfordshire schools

This publication was born out of demand: Y6 teachers clamoured to have further exemplification of Level 6 writing and the demarcation between Level  5 and Level 6 writing.


This publication includes sub- levelled collections from Y6 children in Hertfordshire schools, both unannotated handwritten scripts, and annotated scripts; as well as individual L6 pieces of writing, again unannotated and annotated.


The writing evidence can be used in a variety of ways-as standardisation tasks, a point of comparison when making level judgements over a collection, and, in class, as models in order to exemplify next steps to pupils.


Additionally this 164 page publication includes STA/DfE resources, as well as guidance and resources from the Assessment Team to support accurate teacher assessment of writing and next step feedback.

Updated 2016


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choosing reading books

Choosing Reading Books to Help Children Become Level 3 Writers

This A5 booklet gives guidance on choosing fiction books for children reading at level 3.


It contains ideas of features to look for in books and makes the link between reading material and children's ability to write at higher levels.
A list of suitable books that illustrate these apsects is included.


Alongside each book title there is a brief description, a suggestion of age and level approriateness, the number od pages in the book and an indication as to whether it is a picture book, illustarted book or a chapter book.

Available after February half term.

(£8.00 Non HCC)

Assessing Maths

Assessing Maths

This publication is about organising moderation, looking at levels and developing success criteria in maths.


infinite possibilities cover

Infinite Possibilities

This publication uses ‘Ideas designed to help children talk about and develop common skills in both maths and reading’.  It uses mathematical skills to help children:

  • explore fiction books
  • use fictions books as a springboard for maths problem solving
  • enjoy fiction books that have a mathematical theme.

The book is suitable for all Primary teachers from Nursery to Year 6

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(£25.00 Non HCC)

Assessment for learning cover

Assessment for Learning -
Developing and Using Success Criteria

Examples from Herfordshire schools

This publication explains assessment principles promoted by Hertfordshire's Assessment Team and uses colour photographs taken in Hertfordshire schools to illustrate the ideas.  Examples are taken from Early Years, Special schools and Key Stages 1 and 2.

Suitable for Early Years, Special schools and Key Stage 1 and 2

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Assessment reading

Assessing Reading
Materials to Support the Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Reading

How do you assess pupil’s reading ability, other than by using comprehension tests?
This book is packed with ideas and activities to assess children’s reading within the classroom.
Plus ideas on how to keep meaningful reading records.


Suitable for Key Stages 1 – 2  

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Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening

Activities and Exemplification Levels 1, 2, 3

This book includes ideas for activities through which Speaking & Listening can be assessed, and includes transcripts of pupils‘ talk, accompanied by teachers’ notes, to help teachers recognise the features of Speaking from Levels 1 to 3.
Audio recordings of some of the pupils’ talk can also be heard via the internet.


Suitable for Key Stages 1 – 2


£15.00 non-HCC

ideas to develop writing and ideas for level 1
Ideas to develop writing and ideas for level 1

What does good quality Level 1 Writing look like and how can you get your Level 1 writers to produce it?

This book includes ideas and activities to stimulate pupils writing at Level 1 and get the best out of them.


Suitable for Key Stages 1 – 2


(£15.00 non-HCC)

P Level Exemplification and Moderation Materials

P level exemplification and moderation materials

These exemplifications are intended to support the process of assessment of pupils whose attainment lies within the P level range by providing additional exemplification with each level description.

In addition to providing support for moderation and establishing consistency of view about attainment the materials will lead to good practice in teachng for pupils with learning difficulties.

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