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KS1 Reading Assessment Resources in schools only...

Guided Reading Record sheet


Reading assessment: Level 2  in schools only...

The documents below were produced to support the KS1 level 2 tasks, which formed part of the suite of statutory assessment materials up to 2015. Although no longer part of the official assessment system, the documents have been retained here in case they are of use to schools.

The sheets can be used to record the child's responses to questions asked about the reading books.

Updated February 2009

Book title

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Beautiful Bananas

32kb/1 page, 23/02/2009, beautiful_bananas.doc

We're from India

31kb/1 page, 23/02/2009, india.doc

Not Norman - a Goldfish Story

31kb/1 page, 23/02/2009, not_norman.doc

Animal: young mammals

20kb/1 page, 8/11/2003, animal_young.doc

Animals in danger - Bengal Tiger

22kb/1 page, 7/1/2005, animals_in_danger.doc

Baby elephant

20kb/1 page, 20/01/2003, babyelephant.doc

George and the dragon

20kb/1 page, 8/11/2003, george_dragon.doc

Little Turtle

20kb/1 page, 8/11/2003, little_turtle.doc

Looking at minibeasts

20kb/1 page, 20/01/2003, minibeasts.doc

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

20kb/1 page, 20/01/2003, mrwolf.doc


33kb/1 page, 20/02/2007, senses.doc

Super Sid the Silly Sausage Dog

32kb/1 page, 20/02/2007, super_sid.doc

The feather

21kb/1 page, 7/1/2005, the_feather.doc

Tiger Time for Stanley

33kb/1 page, 20/01/2003, tiger-time.doc

Watch me grow

21kb, 1 page, 7/1/2005, watch_me_grow_frog.doc

From previous years lists:

Marty monster

20kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, marty_monster.doc

My Pet Kitten

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, my_pet_kitten.doc

The Paper Bag Princess

21kb/1 page, 20/01/2003, paperbagprincess.doc

Another fine mess

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, another_fine_mess.doc

Fly By Night

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, fly_by_night.doc

Frog is a hero

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, frog_is_a_hero.doc


21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, starlight.doc

The Stars

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, the_stars.doc

Wheels and Cranks

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, wheels_and_cranks.doc

Winds and Us

21kb/1 page, 9/10/2002, winds_and_us.doc