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Guided Reading

Guided Reading Record sheet (as shown in Year 2/3 Moderation Clusters)
Lucky Dip (Non Fiction)
Lucky Dip (Ffiction)


Pink Book’

Documents linked to the Hertfordshire ‘Pink Book’ (Teachers’ Handbook: Criteria to support planning and teacher assessment)

Best Fit Feel of National Curriculum levels
A handy tool for assessing pupils’ attainment by looking at progression in skills that are common across curriculum subjects.

Mathematics Appendices

In addition to the mathematics criteria included within the new Teachers' Handbook ('Pink Book'), the following documents make links between the National Curriculum level descriptors and the objectives in the Primary Strategy Framework. The purpose of these documents is to support teachers with delivering the curriculum at the appropriate pitch for the levels at which their children are working.

Using and Applying Mathematics
Number and Algebra
Shape, Space and Measures
Handling Data


Guidance on Reporting to Parents: Age-Related Expectations

Preliminary Information Sheet for Primary to Secondary Transition

The following document might be useful to inform discussion between primary schools and secondary schools about pupils. It is not a statutory form and is not collected by the Local Authority.

Moderation of Assessment in schools only

The following resources can be used to summarise key points arising during moderation of pupils’ work. Proforma A is intended to be used when looking at single pieces of evidence, then Proforma B is for collating the judgements across a range of pieces of evidence.

Select the versions appropriate to the range of levels you are looking at.


Proforma A Covering levels 1-5

Proforma B Covering levels 1-5


Proforma A Covering levels 2-8

Proforma B Covering levels 3-8

Proforma B - Covering levels w-3
Special Schools

Proforma B - P1-P8

Proforma B - P4-L2

Proforma B- P6-L3

Proforma B - P7-L4C

Useful Resources for Assessment Leaders/Coordinators

Assessment Coordinator’s Overview of the Year 2011-12

A guide to the many different aspects of coordinating assessment across the school. It may not always be the Assessment Coordinator responsible for each of these areas – some tasks may be carried out by administrative staff, Headteacher, SENCo etc – but the Assessment Coordinator needs to be aware of them.

Keeping Data in Cohort Files
A guide to an effective approach for managing cohort data.

A Shared Policy for Positive Teaching and Learning

The ways in which pupils’ learning is assessed are clearly important in all areas of the curriculum, so some schools have incorporated this into a Teaching and Learning Policy. Here is one such example from a Hertfordshire school.

Guidance on Writing an Assessment Policy Updated
Hertfordshire Guidance on Tracking Pupil Progress (Primary)

See also useful guidance and tools for data analysis:


Assessment of Personal & Social Development

Framework for the Assessment of Personal & Social Development

Key stage 1
Key stage 2
Key stage 3
Key stage 4
Sixth form