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LA and District Data

The reports on this page are only available to download from within a Hertfordshire School or education setting connected to the Hertfordshire Schools Internet and Connectivity Service. in schools only

For the latest analysis of your school results in the context of Hertfordshire and national performance, please download the Hertfordshire Assessment Profile from the Business Information Services (formerly known as EDCS, PIU and MIU) web page.

The DfE Performance Tables can be found at:


The data presented below show the performance of pupils across Hertfordshire at each Key Stage, including analysis of different groups of pupils and analysis of performance across the districts. These data sets inform the key priorities for school improvement across the local authority.

NB Results indicated as ‘unvalidated’ may be subject to change.




Local Authority-level RAISEonline in schools only

Ofsted/DfE - Unvalidated Summary Report 2015
Ofsted/DfE - Unvalidated and Validated Summary Report 2014
Ofsted/DfE - Validated and Unvalidated Summary Report 2013
Ofsted/DfE - Validated and Final Summary Report 2012



Local Authority-level FFT Aspire Reports in schools only

The following Attainment and Achievement reports show pupil performance in Hertfordshire across the last 3 years. ‘Attainment’ refers to actual results, whilst ‘Achievement’ refers to value added (expressed as the difference between the actual outcome and the FFT estimated outcome).

KS1 Attainment and Achievement
KS2 Attainment and Achievement
KS4 Attainment and Achievement

The following Pupil Groups reports show attainment and value added for a range of different pupil characteristics, based on 2014 Hertfordshire results.

KS1 Pupil Groups
KS2 Pupil Groups
KS4 Pupil Groups



District Analysis in schools only

Results by District – all Key Stages (produced by Business Information Services within HCC)

Progress data by district (from RAISEonline):

KS1-KS2 Expected Progress and More Than Expected Progress by District
KS2-KS4 Expected Progress and More Than Expected Progress by District