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Statutory Requirements & Access Arrangements

Statutory Requirements

Key Stage 1 – only Teacher Assessments are submitted (English, maths and science).
Teachers must use at least one appropriate task or test (currently choosing from the 2007 or 2009 materials) for every child in reading, writing and maths.  This can take place at any point during Year 2, and is to help the teacher form their teacher assessment, in conjunction with their own professional knowledge of each child.

Key Stage 2 – Teacher Assessments submitted for all aspects of English, maths and science.
Pupils must also take the statutory tests for English and maths (commonly called ‘SATs’), unless they are working below the level of the tests or unable to access them.

Key Stage 3 – Teacher Assessments submitted for all aspects of English, maths, science and MFL. 
Also, overall subject level Teacher Assessments for all subjects. There are no longer any statutory tests at Key Stage 3.

Further details can be found in the Assessment and Reporting Arrangements booklets, published by the STA. These are available to download from the DfE website at:


The following documents provide a summary of the requirements at Key Stages 1 & 2:



The term ‘disapplication’ is no longer used in the context of tests. At Key Stage 2, a pupil should not be entered into the tests if either:

1) the pupil is working below the level of the tests (this is entered on the marksheet as a B)
2) the pupil is working at the level of the tests but unable to access them (this is entered on the marksheet as a T)

The term ‘disapplication’ only relates to situations where a pupil has been disapplied from the National Curriculum. This is extremely unusual. For more information, see the following document, or the relevant section of the ARA booklet:


Access Arrangements (KS2)

The statutory tests are designed to be accessible to the majority of pupils in the specified amount of time without any modification.  In a minority of cases, pupils may be eligible to access arrangements. However these arrangements should be normal classroom practice for the child and should never give the child an unfair advantage. For detailed information on Access Arrangements that can be used in the National Curriculum tests, please refer to:

Some access arrangements require a form to be downloaded (e.g. using an amanuensis or making a transcript) – these forms are available from the NCA Tools website:

Some access arrangements require permission from the Local Authority (e.g. additional time or early opening of tests). Applications for these arrangements to be considered must be filled in online at the NCA Tools website, by no later than midnight, 25th February.

Additional time

A very small minority of pupils may qualify for 25% additional time in the tests. Additional time is only appropriate for pupils that are affected by a condition that means they cannot demonstrate their true potential in the normal amount of time. It is not appropriate for pupils who are just generally working at a below average level.

Applications for additional time must be made via NCATools by the end of 25th February.

Applications for additional time require certain pieces of test evidence to be provided, in order to demonstrate the reasons why a pupil needs the additional time to fulfil their potential. Please refer to the guidance on the DfE website regarding suitable tests. Past SATs papers or QCA Optional Test papers cannot be used for this purpose.