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Statutory Requirements & Access Arrangements

NB No statutory assessments are taking place in Summer 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Statutory Requirements

For statutory requirements regarding assessment at the end of Key Stage 1, see

For statutory requirements regarding assessment at the end of Key Stage 2, see

Access Arrangements (KS2)

The statutory tests are designed to be accessible to the majority of pupils in the specified amount of time without any modification. In a minority of cases, pupils may be eligible to access arrangements. However these arrangements should be normal classroom practice for the child and should never give the child an unfair advantage. For detailed information on Access Arrangements that can be used in the National Curriculum tests, please refer to:

Some access arrangements require a form to be downloaded (e.g. using an amanuensis or making a transcript) these forms are available from the NCA Tools website:

Some access arrangements require permission from the Standards & Testing Agency (e.g. additional time or early opening of tests). Applications for these arrangements to be considered must be filled in online at the NCA Tools website.

Additional time

A very small minority of pupils may qualify for 25% additional time in the tests. Additional time is only appropriate for pupils that are affected by a condition that means they cannot demonstrate their true potential in the normal amount of time. It is not appropriate for pupils who are just generally working below the expected standard.

The additional time application process asks a series of questions about the pupil, for example whether their reading or writing speed is particularly low. (The full set of questions can be seen at the above linked page.) In the event of an unannounced monitoring visit, the school will be asked to provide evidence to support their applications for additional time.