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County Art Collection

County Art Collection updateMany schools have taken the opportunity to use the County Art Collection Schools Loan Service as a stimulus for pupils' work, bringing them into contact with original works of art, including works from a variety of cultures.

The Hertfordshire County Art Collection contains a catalogue of works of art which schools can, search, preview and reserve online.




What's New

New AccessArt Online Resources

Thanks to an Arts Council England-funded project, AccessArt, teachers can now enjoy 40 online resources to inspire their arts teaching practice in schools. Resources range from drawing to printmaking, photography to sculpture.

Herts Visual Arts

Herts Visual Arts offers free membership for schools and a range of educational benefits. More about Herts Visual Arts....


Therfield First School logoTherfield First School Case Study:
Using ICT to create art work inspired
by the paintings of David Hockney

During the Spring Term of 2012 the 11 children in years 3 & 4, including two autistic pupils, created artwork inspired by the exhibition of David Hockney’s work at The Royal Academy in London. As Hockney used iPads to create some of the artwork on display at this exhibition, the children also used ICT as one of the creative methods. More...



Primary Art Display ProjectArt Display Project

The art displays were worked on over a period of 4 - 5 hours each, with all members of each year group helping or producing part of the design. More...



Gulls and SealAntarctica Art Project - School Art Exhibition

Last December Kanchana Morris, Deputy Headteacher from Cowley Hill Primary School, travelled to Antarctica and wanted to inspire children about her journey. Over the last few weeks schools have used descriptions and photographs to create their own Antarctica pictures. Thank you so much to all the schools who took part, a selection of art work is now displayed at Robertson House. More...



How to Teach Drawing when you can't drawHow to Teach Drawing when you can't draw

The children from Year 4 at Little Heath School, Potters Bar reaped the benefits and enriched their development in Art.

Take a look at their work in progress...



AccessArtAccessart: Sketchbook in Schools
Sketchbooks in Schools is a pilot project working with five partner primary schools, a team of advocates, and an extended team of volunteers aiming to encourage schools in the use of Sketchbooks.The site is an evolving collection of free to access resources which are aimed at promoting and supporting the creative use of sketchbooks in primary schools. Resources for both teachers and pupils, plus opportunities for schools to contribute.