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Government Strategy & Legislation on Participation

In 2009 the Labour Government made the decision to raise the education leaving age for young people from 16 to 17 in 2013 and 18 in 2015. The aim is to ensure that every young person up to the leaving age participates in education or training even if employed. 

Further information on Raising the Participation Age can be found on the GOV.UK website:

More recent Governments have continued with this strategy.

DFE Final Statutory Guidance can be viewed here:

With the participation age now raised the focus is currently on increasing the proportion of young people who meet their statutory duty to participate.


Everything you wanted to know about the duty to participate – FAQs

The Duty to Participate Frequently Asked Questions document tries to answer all the questions you may have about the requirements for participation whether you’re a young person, a provider of education or training or an employer.

Please see the document below for further information:

Duty to Participate FAQs

Hertfordshire Strategy

In Hertfordshire our activities related to reducing the numbers of those not in education, employment or training (NEET) are reflected in our EET Participation Strategy.

EET Participation Strategy

The latest EET Participation Strategy for Hertfordshire can be viewed here:


In Hertfordshire the strategy is being led jointly by the 14-19 Education and Skills Strategy Team and Youth Connexions working with other teams within the county as well as outside partners. Operational issues are discussed at the 16-24 EET (Education, Employment and Training) Participation Group meetings.

Membership of the Group in September 2016:


Job Role


Aidan Moffat

16+ Manager

Hertfordshire County Council – Virtual School

Andy Manson (Co-Chair)

Head of Service, IAG, WRL and Service for Young People in Broxbourne and East Herts

Hertfordshire County Council – Services for Young People

Anna Morrison

BHPN Manager

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Provider Network

Barbara Rumble

Employment and Progression Team Manager

Hertfordshire County Council –YC Hertfordshire

Danika Amos

Research and Information Manager – Stevenage and North Herts, Planning, Performance, Quality and Audit

Hertfordshire County Council – Services for Young People

Susan Platten

Senior Partnership Manager

Department for Work and Pensions – Jobcentre Plus

Juliet Whitehead (Co-Chair)

14-19 Planning and Development Manager

Hertfordshire County Council – 14-19 Education and Skills Strategy Team

Lucy Coddington

IAG Team Leader

Hertfordshire County Council – YC Hertfordshire

Martin Sipsma (Minutes)

14-19 Planning and Support Officer

Hertfordshire County Council – 14-19 Education and Skills Strategy Team

Mary Bainton/Karen Malone

Area Manager, ISL Watford and Three Rivers, County Lead for Attendance and Performance/Team Manager, Central Attendance and Employment Support

Hertfordshire County Council – Integrated Services for Learning – Attendance and Performance/Employment Support

Mary Walsh

YC Hertfordshire Team Manager (Watford and Three Rivers)

Hertfordshire County Council –YC Hertfordshire

Nick Smith

Head of Service for Youth Justice and Services for Young People in Dacorum and St Albans

Hertfordshire County Council – Youth Justice

Simon Gentry

Thriving Families Programme Manager

Hertfordshire County Council – Early Help and Thriving Families

Suki Gill

16-19 Curriculum and Funding Adviser

Herts for Learning

Tracy Noble

YC Hertfordshire Team Manager (LDD Team)

Hertfordshire County Council –YC Hertfordshire

Provider Notification Requirements

The Education Act 2010 specified that schools, colleges and other learning providers are now required to notify the Local Authority of any student included in the cohort who commences or leaves education or training after the compulsory school age.

Hertfordshire County Council has developed a template that needs to be used when notifying them of starts or leavers. Frequency of submission of the template will vary dependant on education sector.

The Hertfordshire Secure File Exchange website allows schools to submit the template securely. Otherwise templates can be sent to but must be password protected.

This is the template that needs to be completed:

For further information please contact Linda Woodhouse on



SEND - Young Person's Preparing for Adulthood Transition Plan 14+

Hertfordshire has adopted a multi agency approach to transition planning to ensure that the process is a more consistent, person centred and holistic experience for young people and their families.  The Learning for Living and Work Framework (LfLW) was introduced as the Hertfordshire Transition Plan for all young people with a statement of SEND in September 2011.

However, the Department for Education, SEND Support and Aspirations Green Paper put forward proposals for a Single 0-25 Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) to replace the statement and Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) (Section 139A).

The LfLW Framework has been evaluated and revised to align with these proposals and the revised Preparing for Adulthood (PFA) Plan brings together information from a variety of sources about future support needs so that planning can take place to enable a positive transition into young adult life.

The structure of the PFA 14+ Plan is made up of separate sections and appendices that facilitate a single, consistent, multi agency process of 14+ transition planning (currently the LDA (S139A) is an integral part of this process).  It is important to recognise that, while the process in the plan is recorded in a linear fashion, the young person will be exploring options through a process of impartial information, advice, guidance and transition planning from Year 9 until they leave school. Section A will be developed over this time.

The plan is in five sections and only the section applicable to a particular role and the young person’s needs is completed.  The completed section will then be co-ordinated by the YC Hertfordshire Personal Advisor linked to the young person.

Further Information about the Education and Health Care Plan can be found here:

Hertfordshire Local Offer

A range of information is available to those needing extra support as part of Hertfordshire's 'Local Offer'. This has been created in line with Government requirements. The 'Local Offer' can be found here:


Destination Measures

'The government produces destination measures data that helps to identify where students have ended up following their schooling. Further information can be found on the GOV.UKwebsite:


Case Studies

This is a useful case study on how an Enterprise day can help students focus on their future study/employment choices.

Stephanie says, “I would not have taken up Business Studies if we had not had the enterprise day from Wenta.  I am really grateful and really enjoy this subject area.  Hopefully one day I will be running my own business”.


Further case studies on the enterprise theme can be found below:

Wenta Case Study 1 - Birchwood
Wenta Case Study 2 - Birchwood


For further information about enterprise for young people please contact Sharon Gaffney at WENTA on 01923 691 364. Email:


Useful Websites/Documents

 Channel Mogo - for young people in Hertfordshire
National Apprenticeship Service - for apprenticeship information and vacancies
GOV.UK website - for Government policy and initiatives for young people.