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What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to earn a wage whilst learning and also gain nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprentices will have a contract of employment with an employer who will pay their salary. Whilst working and gaining valuable experience in the work place, learners will also work towards achieving a range of job related qualifications which may include attendance at a college or training provider as well as assessment in the workplace.

Businesses are now more than ever looking towards Apprentices as a highly beneficial addition to their workforce. The opportunity to train Apprentices whilst they are studying allows businesses to develop the best skills and knowledge for the job.

There are currently three levels of Apprenticeship:

  1. Intermediate Apprenticeship (level 2)
  2. Advanced Apprenticeship (level 3)
  3. Higher Apprenticeship (level 4 and above including Degree Apprenticeships)

Depending on the prior experience and qualifications of the individual, an Apprentice will commence their Apprenticeship on any of the levels above.

Apprenticeships are not restricted to those leaving formal education and anyone meeting the funding eligibility criteria will be entitled to undertake an Apprenticeship, so long as they have left full time education and are aged 16+.

Information about Apprenticeship Frameworks and how they are developed can be found here:

Changed Apprenticeship standards are currently being developed and introduced. The development of each new standard is led by employers. Degree Apprenticeships are also being introduced as part of this process.

Further information about the new standards:

Apprenticeship Strategy & Background

Government continues to promote Apprenticeships as an important route for young people to enter employment and Apprenticeships are treated as being on par to following an academic route.

The latest Apprenticeship Report from Government is available here:

The value of Apprenticeships as part the broader economic picture becomes evident in the following report:

The Plan for Growth (March 2011)

The importance of Apprenticeships in tackling youth employment is evident here:

Supporting Youth Employment (May 2011)

Review of Apprenticeships
A review of Apprenticeships was carried out by Doug Richards in 2012. For further information please follow this link:

A review of Apprenticeships and SMEs carried out in 2012 by Jason Holt can be found here:

In October 2013 the government produced an Apprenticeship Implementation Plan in response to the Apprenticeship consultation. The Plan outlines proposals to  increase the role of employers in managing Apprenticeships. The report can be found here:

Further information about the proposed Apprenticeship changes can be found here:


Apprenticeship Levy

The Government is developing proposals that will result in any employer with a payroll of over £3 million pounds being required to pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5% of the payroll bill. Academies and Academy Trusts are not exempted from this requirement.

Employers can minimise the net cost of the levy by increasing the number of Apprentices they employ. This will allow them to draw down increased amounts of Levy funding via there Digital Apprenticeship Service account.

To find out more go to:

Here also is a short Powerpoint presentation which outlines how the Levy system will work:

Hertfordshire Apprenticeship Strategy (2015-2017)

The following Strategy has been developed between key partners within Hertfordshire. The Strategy has been approved by the Employment and Skills Board of the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Hertfordshire Apprenticeship Action Plan

The current Hertfordshire LEP Apprenticeship Action Plan can be found here:

Hertfordshire LEP Apprenticeship Sub Group

The Sub – Group reports to the Employment and Skills Board of the Hertfordshire LEP. The aim of the Sub-Group is to develop and implement an Apprenticeship Strategy for Hertfordshire. This activity can be summarised within three Themes:

  1. Increasing Apprenticeship opportunities
  2. Supporting potential Apprentices
  3. Ensuring quality provision

The Sub-Group is currently chaired and administered by Hertfordshire County Council but includes representation from various key Apprenticeship Stakeholders in Hertfordshire. Membership in September 2016 is listed below:




Anna Morrison

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Provider Network

Training Providers

Barbara Rumble

YC Hertfordshire

YC Hertfordshire

Barbara Stone

Hertford Regional College

Further Education sector

Helen Castellon

Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service (HCC)

Adult Learning

Caroline Cartwright

Growth Hub

Hertfordshire Growth Hub

Katrina Dougherty

Hertford Regional College

Further Education sector

David Rose


Training Providers

Lucy Hann

Hart Learning & Development (North Herts College)

Further Education sector

Juliet Whitehead (Chairperson)

14-19 Education and Skills Strategy Team (HCC)

Hertfordshire County Council

Lisa Devayya

Welwyn-Hatfield District Council

District Councils

Susan Platten

DWP – Jobcentre Plus

Unemployment Services

Kirsty Steer

Oaklands College

Further Education sector

Pam Charman

Federation of Small Businesses

Small/Medium businesses

Matt Grinyer

Nobel School

School sector

Norman Jennings

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Council

Hertfordshire LEP

Sharon Gaffney


Small business support

John McMahon

West Herts College

Further Education sector

Yolanda Rugg

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Hertfordshire Employers


Case Studies

There are many good examples of Apprentices working in different employment sectors. Here are just a few within Hertfordshire:

National Animal Welfare Trust

Birchwood Investment Management Ltd

Country Properties

Bespoke Performance

The George Public House

John Laing Training

Tiny Toes Nursery


Other Hertfordshire case studies can be found on the YC Hertfordshire website:

Case studies elsewhere in the country can be found on the Business is Great website:

And the Amazing Apprenticeships website:

News & Forthcoming Events

National Apprenticeship Week March 2017

National Apprenticeship Week is held in March of every year and various organisations including employers and training providers hold events during the week.

To find out about events in the Hertfordshire area please keep a watch on the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Providers Network website:



National Apprenticeship Service news items

For the most up to date news:


Training & Continued Professional Development

The Amazing Apprenticeship initiative runs webinars that are aimed at young people, school staff and employers. Information on these webinars can be found here:

There are also regular Teachmeet events organised for school staff.

The Teachmeet initiative is an opportunity for Hertfordshire teachers to work with some of the largest Apprenticeship employers in Hertfordshire and beyond. They are intended to build teachers knowledge of Apprenticeships and help support them to bring the vocational curriculum alive.

Visits have been arranged with a number of employers in the past including Warner Bros. Studios, AECOM, Glaxo Smith Kline, Weldability Sif, Freedom Communications, FS Cables and Johnson Matthey with further ones being planned.

This is a valuable opportunity for teachers to benefit from employer input in to curriculum content.

For more details please visit the Hertfordshire LEP website:

Resources for Employers, School Staff & Students

Amazing Apprenticeships

The best resources for school staff, parents and students is available on the Amazing Apprenticeship website. The website includes flyers, a Study Pack, webinars, case studies and other information that will help school staff in presenting the Apprenticeship message. A flyer about the resources can be found here:

The Amazing Apprenticeship website can be found here:


Apprenticeship Vacancies

Local Apprenticeship vacancies can be found on the YC Hertfordshire website:

Apprenticeship vacancies across England can be found on the National Apprenticeship Service website here:

Applying for an Apprenticeship

A guide to applying for vacancies called ‘Don’t Dream it. Do it’ is available on the Amazing Apprenticeships website in the ‘Extra’s’ section :

And further guidance on the National Careers Service website:


Providers in Hertfordshire

Apprenticeship Providers

You can search for Apprenticeship providers by accessing the National Apprenticeship Service website here:




Useful Websites