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Transition (All Stages 0-19, Children & Parents)

Transition can be a traumatic time for people.  This is because quite often it involves considerable change for the people involved.  Provided people (children, young people and adults) are well prepared for the change, are confident and happy about the change, then adaptation will be smooth and relatively trouble free.  However, everyone has different needs and those with additional or special needs will need extra care and support throughout a time of transition.

Transition points:  starting nursery or school or moving onto secondary school often present challenges to parents and children.  For children and young people, they are opportunities to develop resilience, adaptability and independence.  For schools they are opportunities to reach parents at times when they are most likely to be receptive and concerned about their child’s learning and education.  They are opportunities to reach parents who may not normally be easy to reach.

Transition for Parents

The development of the Transition Information Sessions for Parents are acknowledged in Hertfordshire as part of the Extended Services in schools ‘core offer’ in the ‘Parenting Element’. 

Transition Information Sessions and Parental Engagement - Guidance for Schools

Transition for Children and Young People

There are many projects that schools have developed across the country and within county on good practice with transition for children and young people. The links below can give you a flavour of what is on offer, and if you feel that your project should go here, please contact: 


Many of the local ESC’s in Hertfordshire can give schools good guidance on transition issues.

Seamless Transitions: Supporting Continuity in Young Children's Learning
Supporting Transitions