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Keep Warm Stay Well Campaign

Help us keep vulnerable people warm and well this winter

Hertfordshire County Council has teamed up with NHS Hertfordshire, district councils and the voluntary sector to secure a £1/2m grant from the government to help vulnerable Hertfordshire residents to keep warm and stay well this winter. 

If you are in contact with families on a low income who may be struggling to heat their homes in the colder months, please encourage them to contact HertsHelp Tel: 0300 123 4044 to find out what extra help might be available to them.

You could also help us by putting an article in your school newsletter about the scheme, advising anyone who is finding it difficult to keep their home warm or is worried about a friend, neighbour or family member this winter to get in touch with HertsHelp.

Posters and a flyer are available from:

Or Email:

Hertfordshire County Council is also linking with the Herts Community Foundation's Hert Warming Appeal, which asks residents who don't need their winter fuel allowance to donate the money to support older people in need.

For More Information Contact:
Tel: 0300 123 4044


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Student Finance

All enquiries about student finance should go to:

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