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Guidelines for Fixed Period and Permanent Exclusions

In September 2017 the DfE published new statutory guidance in relation to school exclusions. This replaced the previous DfE guidance published in September 2012. The current guidance may be found via the following link:

Additional non-statutory guidance on exclusions which augments the statutory guidance issued by the DfE, which is only available in an electronic format, may be found via the following link:

If you have any queries with regard to exclusion matters please refer to your local Integration Officer.


Funding Provision for Schools taking on Permanently (off-roll) Excluded Pupils

When a school takes on a pupil that has been excluded from a previous provision and has since gone off-roll, the receiving school is entitled to the proportion of AWPU (Age Weighted Pupil Unit) and Pupil Premium (if eligible) remaining in the financial year for that pupil. In order to enquire about this, schools can fill in the X2 form and send it back to HCC School’s Finance. Once it has been confirmed that the details are correct, the Finance team will get in contact to inform your school that the transfer of balance has been initiated.

This process will also help ensure that HCC know what provision pupils are in.