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Annual Update Training

Keeping Children Safe in Education, DfE 2016 states that, in addition to the three yearly cycles of safeguarding and child protection training, all staff members should receive a safeguarding and child protection update at least annually, to provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively. The CPSLO service have developed a brief update package in accordance with Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board procedures and national guidance in order to support Designated Senior Persons (DSP) to deliver suitable training to all staff and regular volunteers.

Please contact a member of the CPSLO team (ideally the CPSLO for your area) for the password and the powerpoint show. This is only available to schools that have purchased their three year safeguarding children training from the CPSLO service in the last 3 years / have booked their next cycle of training with the CPSLO service.

This can be used as an annual update or for staff who have missed the school’s three yearly training, (although it is preferable it is used as an interim measure until they are able to get on to a stage 1 training session).

Please note- the expectation is that the package is for the sole purpose of use in your school/college, the package and password should not be shared with others.

Annual Update Safeguarding Training DSP Handbook 2017 - 2018


Interim Stage 1 Safeguarding Children Training

Interim training’ sessions led by the CPSLO team for staff members who missed their three year training. These are free to schools that currently purchase Stage 1 Safeguarding Children training from the team. This is an ideal way for staff who missed their three yearly statutory safeguarding training to update on this course. This will replace the current DSP led interim training. Schools can book up to five spaces on an individual session (the host school will be allocated ten spaces).

To find available courses and to book online, please go to: