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Herts County Council logoConcerns – Child Protection Or Not?

If you have concerns but are unsure what action to take, you can ring the Child Protection School Liaison Service for a professional consultation on (01992) 555980.

Please note this number is valid from 1st December 2016 only and should not be used for any other queries. DSPs with other queries should contact their relevant CPSLO or the CPSLO administrator, whose details can be found at:

Concerns about a child’s welfare can vary greatly in terms of

  • the nature of the concerns
  • the seriousness of those concerns
  • how they have been identified
  • over what duration they have arisen.

You should have a record of the facts that have led to concerns and clarity regarding your professional opinion.
Concerns about a child may be categorised as follows:


Common Assessment Framework/Integrated Practice

If after consultation regarding the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters more than one area of need is identified for a child, and safeguarding concerns are not present, then a CAF should be completed.

Child in Need of Support

A referral to Children, Schools and Families should be made when there are concerns that a child is in need.  Under the Children Act 1989 a child is in need when his vulnerability is such that he is unlikely to reach or maintain a satisfactory level of health or development, or his health and development will be significantly impaired without the provision of services; Section 17 (10), Children Act 1989.

Child in Need of Protection

A referral to Children, Schools and Families should also be made when there are concerns that a child is in need because he is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm; Section 47, Children Act 1989.  Harm can be inflicted upon a child when he is abused or neglected, or when a person fails to act to prevent abuse or neglect. 

Referrals regarding abuse or neglect should be referred directly by telephone on 0300 123 4043 and followed up in writing on the Single Service Request Form (HCTP 0037) within two working days.

The Single Service Request form (HCTP 0037). This form is used by schools when making referrals to Children, Schools and Families. The form is used for a variety of referrals including child protection. Forms and Guidance can be downloaded from: