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The emotional and mental health of children and young people is often a cause of concern for professionals and parents alike. 'Tools for Schools' has been created to give guidance to universal services to have a better understanding and clarity about how to manage common issues that families face and who to go to for support.

These materials can be accessed at: 

Please note, all the files are only available for download from within a Hertfordshire School connected to the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service

Coping with Self-harm (A Guide for Parents and Carers)

Following the completion of a research project, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has published a new guide for parents about self-harming, which will be useful for teachers too. Self-harming affects 10 – 15% of young people, and parents can feel overwhelmed. The guide has information on topics including understanding self-harm, managing injuries, sources of help and looking after parents’ own needs.

The guide is available at the link below and it might be worth printing a few copies off ready to pass to parents when needed.

Young Minds

Young Minds, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and the Royal College of Psychiatrists have created a series of films and digital resource packs on self-harm. These have been created with the help of children and young people, parents and professionals.

Quality Assurance for schools on recruiting Counsellors and / or Arts Therapists and Mental Health Nurses

Below is a document from Safe Space (Counselling in Schools Service) that will help schools implement a quality assured service.

Guidance for schools: commissioning external mental health training and workshop providers

Below is a document from East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group to support decision making when considering external mental health training and workshop providers.

Mental Health and Behavior in Schools: Departmental Advice (DFE June 2014)

Below is a link to advice from the Department for Education. 

This non-statutory advice clarifies the responsibility of the school, outlines what they can do and how to support a child or young person whose behaviour - whether it is disruptive, withdrawn, anxious, depressed or otherwise - may be related to an unmet mental health need.

Please note this advice will be reviewed in October 2014.

Healthy Young Minds in Herts

This section is for school staff working with children and young people who live in Hertfordshire who want to know more about local emotional wellbeing services, including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).