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System Manager 7

Documents for download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school



W162 – Enhancing SIMS User Permissions to View ‘In Care’ Details

This document describes how to give a user permissions to view In Care information via the Welfare panel in a Pupil record and when running reports, without having to make them a member of a permission group with significantly higher access rights. However, please be aware that the information in this area is still sensitive and should only be assigned to users after discussion with Senior Leadership in school.




W126 - System Manager User Accounts




Permissions in SIMS - In order to make your own user roles in System Manager suited to your school, you need to understand how menu options and access to various areas of your SIMS database are controlled. This spreadsheet, produced by Capita, helps you to understand this.


S1567 – SIMS Management in Schools

In this document we outline what the management structure of SIMS (School Information Management System) could look like within a school. Bear in mind this is a suggested structure only.



S1414 - SIMS System Manager

Many system management tasks can be done using SIMS System Manager 7. This document provides a quick guide showing how to do this.