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HfL Contract Services for Schools Prices

The brochures contain details of all contract services available to schools and academies through Herts for Learning. To view the contract brochures visit:


HCC Prospectus of Services for Schools and Academies

This Prospectus gives details of the wide range of services that HCC can provide to schools and Academies, and sets out a clear pricing structure for each service.

The Prospectus can be viewed at:


HCC Insurance Services
Health and Safety Services



Banking Contract Information

Important Information Concerning Banking Transfer
Schools will be aware of the imminent change of the authorities banking contract from National Westminster Bank to Barclays Bank. Information concerning FMS6, Wisepay and Check Printing is contained in the document below.

Banking Contract

Services Available from Financial Services

  • In School Accounting Service
    A complete accountancy support and financial management advisory service tailored to meet the needs of indvidual schools, academies and free schools.
  • Financial Management Advisory Service
    Providing reassurance that financial management processes and controls are given a professional opinion to support schools in acheiving effective financial management.
  • Budget Planning
    Providing support and advice with the calculation of the school's annual budget, or with modelling the school budget over the current and following three financial years, linked to the School Development Plan.
  • Pay as You Use Schools Visits
    Providing financial advice and suppport for a variety of needs, including budget planning, temporary cover, recruitment, systems support and financial health checks.
  • Helpline Support
    A complete support service, offering a speedy and efficient response to telephone enquiries on all aspects of the operation of schools' financial software and accounting procedures.
  • Financial Training
    A training service for school management, staff and governors on all financial software supported by Financial Services, and on best practice in financial management, through our structured training course programme or by 'bespoke' training for individual users.
  • Financial Software
    Provision of advice and support for accounting and budgeting software used in schools. Supported software currently includes FMS6, RM Finance and FPS Advance financial planning software.
  • Support to Academies and Free Schools
    Financial Services is now delivering financial support services to academies and free schools. Our support is tailored to the individual needs of academies and free schools, ranging from the initial set up of the chart of accounts on FMS6 to comprehensive in school financial support. We also operate a helpline service to schools using the FMS6 financial software.
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FPS Web offers many new features, including integration of the School Action Plan into the longer-term financial plan and a large variety of reports to support schools with their strategic financial planning and compliance with the FMSiS.

Schools wishing to purchase the software can do so at a cost of £495 for an initial licence (payable in year one only), plus £334 annual support. If you wish to purchase, please follow the link below to order by e-mail or phone.

For further information on FPS Web please contact:
Tel: 01438 843299


RM Management Solutions Products

RM Finance
A straightforward, easy to use Windows Cash Accounting system designed for administering a school's finances. Based on Budget Accounts for internal monitoring, Analysis Codes for LA reporting and Consistent Financial Reporting and a full reconciliation facility for bank and petty cash accounts. The package also allows the user to include orders and print cheques if required.


SIMS (CapitaES) Products

FMS6 Finance
A windows based accounting system specifically designed for schools use. It utilises all aspects of a ledger based system giving the user the ability to record and manage financial data.

It includes:

  • Purchase Ordering
  • Purchase Invoice Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Reporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting to assist with Budget Management
  • Electronic links with other Sims products for data exchange

Equipment Register

A tool for recording and tracking assets:

  • Links with Star, Personnel and FMS6 for importing of data
  • Manual recording of assets
  • Inspection details
  • Disposal recording

Budget Planning

An integrated package for the production of annual school budgets:

  • Allows the user to import data from Personnel for calculation of staffing costs
  • Calculation of other areas of income and expenditure
  • Enables the creation of ‘What if’ scenarios
  • Automatic import into FMS6